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Lamb Chop the Hand Puppet - A shy, soft-spoken, fleecy little lamb sock puppet with a voice of a child and a penchant for wisecracks featured on THE SHARI LEWIS SHOW/NBC/1960-63.

Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop

Lamb Chop was born, according to Shari Lewis, when her father said "If Mary had a little lamb, why not Shari?"

Lamb Chop was once described as a "6-year-old girl, very intuitive and very feisty, a combination of obstinacy and know how they say fools rush in where wise men fear to go? Well, Lamb Chop would rush in, then scream for help."

In 1957, Shari Lewis first appeared with Lamb Chop on CAPTAIN KANGAROO, as the niece of Mr. Greenjeans.

In the 1980s Shari Lewis created a video featuring Lamb Chop called "Have I got a Story For You" about the art of teaching and telling stories.

The character Lamb Chop has been immortalized in the shape of a huge balloon that first floated over Santa Ana , California, in the 2nd annual "Toys on Parade" which boasts the only giant balloon parade west of the Rockies. The 65-foot balloon took over two years to build. Constructed of rubber-coated nylon cloth, the balloon is covered with over 30 gallons of paint. Lamb Chop hands are 7-feet long and her buttons are five-feet across.

In the 1990s, Lamb Chop returned to TV in the motivational half-hour children's program LAMB CHOP'S PLAY ALONG/PBS/1992.

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