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Signoffs - Classic Series Finales

"God bless and think peace" - The departing words of actress Fran Drescher as she ended her six-year run on the popular family sitcom THE NANNY/CBS/1993-99.


The program followed the zany antics of Fran Fine, a middle-class Jewish cosmetics saleswoman from Queens who became the nanny to the Manhattan-based Sheffield Family.

At the end of the series, Fran married Maxwell Sheffield (Charles Shaughnessy), a successful widowed British theatrical producer and soon became pregnant.

While in the delivery room, Niles the family butler (Daniel Davis) and his fiancée Chastity Claire Babcock (Lauren Lane), Max's long-time business associate take their vows at an impromptu wedding ceremony.

As C.C. and Niles say "I do," Dr Reynolds cries "Push" to Fran as she gives birth to twins (Jonah Samuel and Eve Katherine). A few minutes later in a private moment, Fran greets her newborns saying "Hello my darling child. Hello Sweetie. Oh my God, they're beautiful."

During the last scene of the series, Fran prepares to move to California with her new family. Before she goes, Fran takes a last look around at their posh Manhattan town house, finds her old Shades of the Orient makeup case and then remembers via flashbacks her life over the last six years as the song and lyrics of "The Way We Were" play ("Memories/Like the corners of my mind/Misty water-colored memories/Of the way we were...").

Finally, Fran leaves through the front door, but suddenly returns because she left behind her befuddled grandmother Yetta (Ann Morgan Guilbert) who says "It's such a beautiful place much nicer than the one you had in New York."

Finale Curtain Call - THE NANNY

At that, the show ends. Next, Fran Drescher and the rest of the cast made a last curtain call in front of the studio audience. Filled with emotion, Fran told her fans:

"Thank you, thank you everybody. Thank you so much. Everyone here at The Nanny want to thank you for inviting us into your homes. We appreciate the privilege of being able to entertain you. The entire cast and crew and staff at The Nanny family, just love you for all your continued love and support throughout these six years. You will long be remembered. And so will you. With much gratitude, thank you very much. God bless and think peace. Goodnight everybody."

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