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Signoffs - Classic Series Finales

"OK, cut! That was beautiful. It's a wrap. It's a wrap everybody...for Once and Again"  - As the last scene of the series finale of ONCE AND AGAIN/ABC/1999-2002 concludes Sela Ward and Billy Campbell kiss, the camera pulls away, the screen fades to black and we hear the director yell "Ok, cut!. That was beautiful. It's a wrap. It's a wrap everybody...for Once and Again."


Immediately, the set fills with actors, extras and crew members as they mingle and say their goodbyes. The camera gets a close up of Sela Ward and Billy Campbell as they blow the camera a goodbye kiss.

After the kiss, the screen fills with a series of interview snipets [shot in black in white] from the people involved with the show.

The following dialogue is from the last scene of the show (aired April 15, 2002) followed by the show's actors commenting on their experiences on the show that immediately followed the finale signoff.

Lily: [At the wedding reception] Rick, are you okay?
Rick: Come here. [pulls Lily into the kitchen] I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I don't know what got  into me. I have been horrible. I made you sick and I'm not going to Australia. I'm not going to do the damn job.
Lily: No, listen to me, Rick

Look. Look. you listen to me, Ok. I don't want to be away from you. I can't be away from you. Alright, listen to me. You are everything that I want!


You cant pass this up. I won't let you.


I am staying. I am staying right here.

Lily: No, you're not. I'm turning down the syndication job.

You can't turn down the syndication job.


Why not? Our family means to much to me. If they want me now, they'll want me in a year.


If he wants me now he'll want me in a year. I can't be away from you.


No, I can't be away from you...Plus I'm pregnant.





Rick: You're pregnant?

I suddenly remembered being nauseous like that before.


You're pregnant.


100%. Are you upset?

Rick: incredibly smart thing to do.


I think so.

Rick: Oh, my God. Where are we gonna put it?
Lily: Uh...Uh...I don't know

Why didn't you tell me?

Lily: I am telling you.
Rick: You're gonna have a baby.


Rick: Wow! [Lily kisses Rick]
Lilly: Should we go back in.
Rick: Where?

The wedding.

Rick: Yeah. [The two kiss as the camera pulls away and the screen fades to black]
Director: "Ok, cut! That was beautiful. It's a rap everybody...for Once and Again


[The set fills with people clapping hands and shouting congratulations. The camera focuses on Sela Ward and Billy Campbell who blow the camera a big kiss goodbye. Next we see a series of interview snipets made by the cast/crew of the show].

Writers of the Show: A long time ago we realized that most of the process of making a movie and a television show was about the people who were involved. And, in fact, there was a deep connection between the people who were involved and the product we came up with.
Sela Ward:

Oh my God! I have to play this woman. You know by the time I finished this script I went...Damn! I gotta do it. I gotta do it.

Billy Campbell: 

I've done...probably as many pilots as George Clooney.

Susanna Thompson: This one right here [points to Shane West] he he just opens his arms and say me a huge hug and I know it's OK.
Sela Ward: [to Billy] You don't remember that. We didn't meet there. No, we had a drink at a restaurant. Do you remember?
Billy Campbell: You were having lunch at the same restaurant?
Sela Ward: No, I wanted to meet make sure you weren't a real jerk
Billy Campbell:


Jeffrey Nordling:

The hardest thing for me I think was I had no experience with teenager daughters.

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