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The Marquis Chimps - Trio of chimpanzees who starred on the situation comedy THE HATHAWAYS/ABC/1961-62.

THE HATHAWAYS - Dell Comic Book

This zany program told the story of real estate agent Walter Hathaway (Jack Weston) and his wife Elinore (Peggy Cass), a theatrical agent who booked a group of the frisky chimpanzees (The Marquis Chimps: Charlie, Enoch and Cindy) on a variety of show business gigs. In between their engagements, the chimps lived in the Hathaway's home with the obvious hilarious results. In real life, the chimps were owned and trained by Gene Detroy.

The Marquis Chimps made guest-star appearances on a series of JACK BENNY HOUR specials, as well as THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW, THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE, and THE KRAFT MUSIC HALL "Comedy Survival Kit" episode No. 102 (February 28, 1968) with Steve Allen, Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara, Louis Nye, Allen and Rossi.

Marquis Chimp with Jack Benny
Marquis Chimp with Jack Benny

The Marquis Chimps also starred in a popular TV commercial for Red Rose Tea where they played wild musicians who chanted the lyrics "Red Rose Tea" at the end of the ad spot. Click for audio.

TRIVIA NOTE: THE HATHAWAYS opening sequence is animated. First we, see a wooden barrel next to a house - right below a rainspout. Suddenly, one by one, a trio of chimpanzees pop out of the barrel and walk off to the right of the screen. As the third and smallest of the chimps (Cindy) tries to climb out of the barrel, it rocks back and forth and then falls over which affords her an easy exit route. She crawls out dragging a large white sign.


With a wooden backyard fence as backdrop, the trio of chimps start to stand on top of each others shoulders. The chimp on top (Cindy) shows her white sign full to the screen. The sign begins to display the name of the show, cast credits and animated versions of the human stars (Peggy Cass, Jack Weston).

At the end of the narration, the sign reading, "Featuring the Marquis Chimps" bumps both humans inside the sign which makes them fall down. Their tumble causes the precarious tower of chimps to collapse as well.

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