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Tracy the Gorilla - Ghostbusting gorilla on the Saturday morning children's live-action series THE GHOST BUSTERS/CBS/1975-76.

Cast of THE GHOST BUSTERS (Eddie, Kong and Tracy)

Tracy wore a beany cap topped with a propeller. He was one of a trio of ghost busters who tracked down the ghosts of famous criminals.

His human partners were Eddie Spencer (Larry Storch) and Kong (Forrest Tucker). Remember Kong is the human. Tracy is the ape who was played by Bob Burns, a film editor from KNXT-TV in Los Angeles).

In 1986-87, the series returned as a syndicated cartoon entitled GHOSTBUSTERS (produced by Filmations). This time around, Tracy and the sons of Jake and Eddie spent their time battling ghosts from fairy tales (and a spirit called Prime Evil) along with Belfrey (a talking bat), Jessica the reporter and Futura the Sorceress.

Cast of Ghostbusters Cartoon
Ghostbusters by Filmations
Characters included Eddie Spencer Jr., Tracy,
Jake Kong Jr., Jessica and Futura


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