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Marcel the Monkey - Black capuchin monkey with a white face seen on the sitcom FRIENDS/NBC/1994-2004.

Marcel the Monkey with Ross Geller - FRIENDS

Marcel was an illegal exotic monkey rescued from a laboratory and given to Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), a New York City museum paleontologist.

When Ross first showed his friends his new monkey on "The One With The Monkey" episode (12/15/94) Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) yelled "Hey, that monkey's got a Ross on its ass."

On "The One Where The Monkey Gets Away" episode (3/9/95) Marcel pooped in Monica's shoe and then escaped her apartment. In an attempt to find Marcel Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) says "All right. You're a monkey. You're loose in the city. Where do you go? Chandler replied "Okay, it's his first time out, so he's probably going to want to do some of the touristy things. I'll go to "Cats," you go to the Russian Tea Room."

After eluding the tranquilizer gun of an Animal Control agent, Marcel was found in Mr. Heckles apartment who by then had put a dress on Marcel and called him Patty the Monkey.

During the episode entitled "The One With The Fake Monica" (4/27/95) Marcel got sexually aggressive and humped Ross' leg, a lamp and Rachel's Curious George Doll. Rachel casually reported "Let's just say my Curious George Doll is no longer curious"

Ross philosophized about the situation saying "I mean, one day he was this little thing. And then, before you know it, he's this little thing I can't get off my leg."

 Marcel's favorite song was "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."

Later Ross' veterinarian advised him to place Marcel in a more animal friendly environment and so Ross arranged to have Marcel sent to the San Diego Zoo. During an emotional goodbye scene Marcel began humping Ross' leg.

TRIVIA NOTE: The role of Marcel was played by two female, white throated capuchin monkeys named Katie (born 1993) and Monkey (born 1988). They were trained by Nerissa Politzer and Mike Morris who worked for the Bob Dunn's Animal Services, the monkey's owner. Politzer said of one of her simian pets "If Monkey was human, she'd be Meryl Streep" (People Weekly 4/10/95).

Besides their FRIENDS gig, Monkey and her female double Katie also appeared on THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO, and Animal Planet channel.

Their TV commercial credits included spots for Bud Light, Diet Coke (a Friends tie-in), Doritos, McDonalds, Pepsi, Sony and Yahoo.

Monkey and Katie can also be seen in such box office hits as the medical thriller Outbreak (1995); as well as Ace Ventura II: When Nature Calls (1995), Addicted to Love (1997); George of the Jungle (1997); Instinct (1999); and Flintstones II: Viva Rock Vegas (2000).

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