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F.L.A.G. - The Foundation for Law And Government (a.k.a. "FLAG") is a private organization dedicated to fighting evil featured on the NBC adventure KNIGHT RIDER/1982-86.

Devon Miles with members of F.L.A.G.

Founded by millionaire Wilton Knight (Richard Basehart), now deceased, F.L.A.G. funding supported the development of K.I.T.T., a sophisticated bullet-proof automobile whose built-in computer capabilities equaled independent thinking.

The Foundation, now managed by Devon Miles (Edward Mulhare), assigned agent Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff), a former police undercover cop given a new identity, to drive the futuristic automobile.

With the death of Devon Miles at the hands of gunrunners, a new project coordinator named Maddock (Carmen Argenziano) took over the operations.

F.L.A.G. coordinated more more talking cars and operatives in the updated version of the series TEAM KNIGHT RIDER/SYN/1997 and the 2008 NBC Remake series of KNIGHT RIDER starring Justin Bruening as Mike Traceur, the son of Michael Knight. Jim Marland replaced Devon Miles as leader of F.L.A.G. during the TEAM KNIGHT RIDER series.

TRIVIA NOTE: The mansion used as the F.L.A.G. headquarters was actually the Morton Mansion/Arden Villa built in 1915 and located at 1145 Arden Road (near Cal-Tech campus).

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