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KAOS - Evil organization bent on world wide domination on the spy comedy GET SMART/NBC/1965-70.


Ludwig Von Siegfried (Bernie Kopell) is the leader of KAOS. He leader who served as an officer in the Third Reich, speaks with a  thick German accent and considers everyone inferior to himself. He calls people by such names as Dummkopf, Big Zissy, Ninny Schtupid, and Idiot. His aliases included Conrad, Dr. McTavish and Mr. Smith.

Starker (pronounced "Shtarker") is Siegfried's klutzy henchman.

Agent Maxwell Smart, a spy from the good-guys at CONTROL, claimed KAOS was founded in 1957 as "a monstrous organization of evil dedicated to the destruction of the Free World and the systematic subjugation of every man, woman, and child on this planet."

Corad Siegfried


Siegfried Starker

KAOS agent Omar Shurok described his employers as "the international organization of evil formed in 1904 in Bucharest, designed to foment unrest and revolution throughout the world."

KAOS employed some really mean and creepy agents. They included:

  • The Exterminator, aka accountant Earl Kibee
  • The Ambassador of Bulmania
  • Rotten Ruthless Rupert of Rathskeller
  • The Groovy Guru, their coolest agent
  • Simon the Likeable, their nicest agent
  • Victor Royale, casino operator on San Jerman Island
  • Wailing Wanda, an aid of The Groovy Guru
  • Eric Zharko, scientific genius who raises the dead
  • The Claw (Pronounced "Craw")

The KAOS letters could also stand for Kill All Opposing Sides or maybe Konquer All Of Society (per the webmaster of TV Acres).

KAOS' mission included stealing secret plans and formulas, blowing up landmarks and assassinating government officials.

The official insignia for KAOS is a vulture perched on a egg-shaped globe of the world.

KAOS agents dress in black turtleneck, black berets, and black leather jackets sporting a KAOS patch.

TRIVIA NOTE: "Shtarker" is Yiddish for "strong man or tough guy").

Some alternate meaning for KAOS (as suggested by "The Get Smart Handbook" by Joey Green) included:

  • Kaiser's Alliance of Spies
  • Kidnappers Against Organized Sports
  • Kriegsspielende Anmassende Olige spione
  • Kosher Alliance Opposing Shellfish

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