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Lightning Force - Elite group of anti-terrorist soldiers on the action adventure LIGHTNING FORCE/SYN/1991-92.


The Lightning Force was established by an International Oversight Committee for Anti-Terrorism and comprised the best of the IOCAT collective strike forces.

Operating out of the Pacific Northwest, the team members included:

  • David Stratton as Lt. Winston Churchill Staples, Engineer/Demolition Expert/Medical Officer from the Canadian 7th Field Regiment-"I blow 'em up, I sew 'em up"
  • Marc Gomes as Colonel Zaid Abdul Rahmad, an Egyptian Military Intelligence officer skilled in languages, and negotiations
  • Guylaine St. Onge as Joan Marie Jacard, a French female pilot, computer specialist and assassin (selective termination)
  • Wings Hauser as US Army officer Lt. Colonel Matthew Alan Coltraine, the team leader.


The group named itself Lightning Force in memory of their original team leader US Army Lieutenant Mike "Lightning" Rodney who was killed on their first mission.

According to a party story told by Colonel Coltraine, Rodney's nickname began when he got drunk, climbed to the top of a roof in the rain storm and got struck by lightning while clutching a lightning rod.

TRIVIA NOTE: "Call Me Lightning" was a song written by Pete Townsend in the United Kingdom.

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