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Secret Organizations - The Bad Guys

O.G.R.E. - Organization of Generally Rotten Enterprises on the animated cartoon DRAK PACK/CBS/1980-81

Doctor Dred, the leader of O.G.R.E. - DRAK PACK
Doctor Dred, the leader of O.G.R.E.

O.G.R.E. battled teenage descendants of Dracula, Frankenstein and Wolfman. Their headquarters is an artificial island called "Dredquarters". They use an airship called the "Dredgible." 

The evil Dr. Dred (Hans Conried) headed O.G.R.E. whose plans included world domination. His sinister assistants were:

  • Mummy Man (voiced by Chuck McCann)
  • Toad (voiced by Don Messick)
  • Fly (voiced by Don Messick)
  • Vampira (voiced by Julie McWhirter)

O.G.R.E members - Mummy Man, Toad and Vampira - DRAK PACK
Mummy Man, Toad and Vampira of O.G.R.E.

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