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SD-6 - Ruthless black ops spy agency featured on the espionage drama ALIAS/ABC/2001-2006.

SD-6 Building in Los Angeles, California - ALIAS
Credit Dauphine, a corporate bank in LA
and front for SD-6 covert operations)

SD-6 actually was a rouge intelligence agency (a sub organization of The Alliance of Twelve). Members of the SD-6 believe that are a black ops division of the Central Intelligence Agency. But in reality, SD-6 is a sinister group and a rival of the CIA.

The Alliance of Twelve (a.k.a "The Alliance") was founded Alain Christophe, a former CIA counterintelligence office. The organization is composed of  former espionage agents and wealthy investors who support the spy trade. Their initial goal was to use their influence to change the world for the better, but somewhere along the line the group's initial ideals were corrupted.

SD-6 Strategy Room 
                                Sub-Level 6 of the Credit Dauphine Building - ALIAS
SD-6 Strategy Room Sub-Level 6 of the Credit Dauphine Building

The Alliance uses its agents to gather data from around the world that will benefit the power and growth of the organization. Such information includes military secrets, industrial intelligence, medical technology, electronic and computer programming, as well as current trends in political arenas. Although our for itself, the group will hire out to  various governments, and wealthy industrialists.

The Alliance has been responsible for many tragedies around the globe including, chemical plant leaks in Bangalore, India 1992), the derailing of a Bullet train in Japan (1996) and downing of German airliner (2001). Of course, individual assassinations are standard fair for the agency.

The Alliance is divided into12 SD ("Section Disparu) units. The SD units are based throughout the globe, including,

  • SD-1: Berlin, Germany
  • SD-2: Paris, France
  • SD-3: Athens, Greece
  • SD-4: Rome, Italy
  • SD-5. Tripoli, Libya
  • SD-6: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • SD-7: Bejing, China
  • SD-8: Madrid, Spain
  • SD-9: London, England
  • SD-10: Seoul, South Korea
  • SD-11: Tokyo, Japan
  • SD-12: Israel and Zurich, Switzerland.

The SD-6 unit is headquartered six levels below the Credit Dauphine building in Los Angeles. The division is accessed via a special elevator. Each person who enters is biometrically scanned for authentication. Intruders are hunted down and killed by SD-6's own Internal Security Squad.

Ron Rifkin as Arvin Sloane, the Director of SD-6 - ALIAS
Arvin Sloane, the Director of SD-6

The roster of agents in SD-6 consists of :

  • Arvin Sloane, (Ron Rifkin), the head of SD-6 (his right index finger activates Failsafe/Lockdown procedures for the building. When he was promoted, the Alliance injected a tracking device and mini-microphone in his neck to monitor his activities 24/7. Arvin is allergic to morphine)
  • Calvin McCullough, head of Psychological Warfare Division
  • Agent Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner)
  • Agent Jack Bristow (Victor Garber)
  • Agent Marcus Dixon (Carl Lumbly)
  • Agent Marshall J. Flinkman (Kevin Weisman), a tech geek
  • Agent Cal McKenas (Quentin Tarantino), defected to work with Irina Drevko (a.k.a. "The Man") and later became operative for "The Covenant")

The Alliance was finally taken down when Sidney Bristow a double agent for the CIA infiltrated the Alliance airborne computer servers and enabled the CIA to take down all the SD headquarters simultaneously. Some of the SD-6 agents were offered employment with the CIA like agents Marcus Dixon and Marshall J. Flinkman.

Arvin Sloane, however, fled underground but eventually arranged for a pardon with the U.S. government, in exchange for providing his extensive knowledge of terrorized organization to the CIA. He moved to Zurich, Switzerland and became a philanthropist for Omnifam, a world hunger relief organization.

Arvin later activated the secrets of Rambaldi using "The Horizon" artifact that created a strange liquid which imbued immortality. To keep Arvin from becoming a pox upon the world, former agent Jack Bristow, refused to partake of the same liquid and sacrificed himself by setting off an explosion that buried his former boss (forever?) inside The Tomb of Rambaldi in Mongolia.

Other criminal organizations associated with The Alliance included:

  • The Covenant, and intelligence/terrorist organization composed of  retired KGB and former Central Committee members.
  • Prophet Five, a criminal organization based in Barcelona, Spain. Its affiliate units known as The Shed (similar to SD-6) were located in  Prague, Cleveland, Seattle, Chicago and St. Louis.
  • K-Directorate. a dangerous arm of the Russian underground, and an enemy of SD-6, and of the United States.
  • FTL (now defunct), a crime organization and another enemy of SD-6 and of the United States .FTL was fronted at the Tyno-Chem Engineering headquarters, based in Hong Kong. Former FTL bases were located in Morocco (Rabat) and Shaneer, with transfer facilities in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, UK.

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