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Sydney Bristow - Female double agent featured on the espionage drama ALIAS/ABC/2001-2006.

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow - ALIAS
Agent Sydney Bristow

Sydney is brunette, 5'8", 125 pound, brunette, has reversed jointed shoulders (Her left shoulder has a bullet wound).

Born April 17, 1975, Sydney A. Bristow (ID-CLASS: USS-CI-2300844) was recruited as a Freshman in college to work for Credit Dauphine, a corporate bank in LA (and front organization for SD-6), a supposed division of the CIA. Sydney graduated with a Masters on Literature in February of 2003.

Her language skills included English (various dialects), French, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Uzbek, Urdu, and German.

On assignment, Sydney used the alias of Julia Thorne. Her call signs were: Freelancer, Mountaineer and Phoenix (when she worked for APO, another black ops CIA unit).

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow - ALIAS

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow - ALIAS

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow - ALIAS


Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow - ALIAS


Sydney Bristow in her many disguises

Sydney later discovered that SD-6 was actually part of a rouge intelligence agency (a sub organization of The Alliance) who were actually the enemy of the CIA.

When Arvin Sloane (Ron Rifkin), one of SD-6 executives killed Sydney's fiancé Danny Hecht in 2001 for revealing her occupation, Sydney reached out to the real CIA and began working as a double agent.

While working for SD-6, she discovered her father, Jack Bristow (Victor Garber) was also an deep cover agent for the CIA. Together with his help and Agent Marcus Dixon (Carl Lumbly)  - who also had been fooled by SD-6 - Sydney plotted to destroy SD-6 and its Alliance masters.

Sydney later learned her father had enrolled her in a black ops program called Project Christmas that trained children as sleeper agents to be future American spies.

During a regression session, Sydney remembered solving "The indicator", a block puzzle used to identify a child's skills with numbers, three dimensional thinking, creative problem solving and soon realized her father had conditioned her to be a spy since childhood.

Sydney's other family members included:

  • Laura Bristow (Lena Olin), her mother (actually a KGB agent named Irina Derevko, who married Jack in hopes of stealing information related to the Project Christmas)
  • Nadja Santos (Mia Maestro), Sydneys' half-sister and daughter of Irina Derevko and Arvin Sloane. Sydney found Nadia in a Chechnyan prison and shared an apartment with her, for a time. She was later killed by her father (who smothered then resurrected her with a Rimbaldi formula) and later  accidentally killed her with a shard of glass
  • Katya Derevko (Isabella Rossellini) and Elena Derevko, Sydney's two ants.

Sydney's other friends included Francie Calfo (Merrin Dungey), now deceased, and Will Tippin (Bradey Cooper), placed under Witness Protection Program.

Jennifer Ganer as Sydney Bristow with her espionage associates - ALIAS
Sydney and her espionage associates

Sydney assignments took her all over the globe. Her most mysterious assignment involved investigation and retrieval of artifacts that related to a Di Vinci like inventor called Milo Rambaldi (a prophet, mathematician, artist and chief architect for Pope Alexander VI) whom had crafted a device that imbued immortality. Arvin Sloane became obsessed with finding the secret of eternal life. After becoming immortal, Jack Bristow sacrificed his life by causing a cave in which entombed the now immortal Sloan for eternity.

At one time, Sydney was believed dead after a fight with Allison, a spy (from a terrorist organization called The Covenant) who had assumed the guise of Sydney's close friend, Francie Calfo.

Abducted by the Covenant, Sydney was tortured but luckily, she managed to escape and return to the CIA.  She had her memory erased to eliminate information about Rambaldi's DNA.

When she returned Sydney discovered that agent Michael Vaughn (Michael Vartan) had married fellow agent, Lauren Reed. After the Covenant was brought down, Sydney Bristow was recruited by APO, a CIA black ops unit based in a subway station near the civic center in Los Angeles.

In the year 2014, Sydney was living with her husband, Michael and their two children: Isabella (who found the "indicator puzzle" in a box one day and instinctively solved it) and baby Jack, the second child named for her father.

Both Michael and Sydney still entertained (though reluctantly) assignments brought to them by their friend, Marcus Dixon.

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