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Our Clubhouse Theme Song
Al Holst, Host of TV Acres

  TV Acres is the place to be 
For all your questions about TV
Files stretching out so far and wide
From the 1940s to the
Present day prime time 
No more wondering what's the name
Of Sky King's aer-o-plane?
Who perchance is Pepe Le Pew?
Did Ralph Kramden ever send
His wife to the moon?

...Les Nessman's door!
...Highway Patrol's Ten-Four!
...Boo Boo and Yogi Bear!
...Steve McGarrett's hair!


We love Barney Fife
and Rob Petrie's wife
TV Acres we are there 
Bum! Bum!

Lyrics by Jerome A Holst © 1999
Based on the theme song lyrics written by Vic Mizzy
for the TV series "Green Acres"
 ©All Rights Reserved.


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