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Rob Petrie's Wrist Watch - On episode No.8 "Harrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, MO" on the sitcom THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW/CBS/1961-66, comedy writer Rob Petrie (Dick Van Dyke) invites a man named Harrison B. Harding (Allan Melvin) to his home when he claims to be an old army buddy.

Laura and Rob Petrie - THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW
Laura and Rob Petrie (with wrist watch)

Unfortunately, Rob just can't remember from where he knows the man. Looking for clues, Rob peeks into Harrison's parcel and discovers diamonds. Mistaking, the man as a jewel thief who was casing his home, Rob called the police.

Luckily, before the cop's arrived, Harrison explains that he worked the stage lights at Camp Crowder recreation hall. He also revealed that he was the one who engraved the wrist watch that Rob's buddies gave him and that it had bugged him for years that he had left the "E" off of Rob's last name.

Pulling out an etching tools, Harrison (now a jeweler) corrected his mistake. The inscription on the watch read "To Robert Petrie. Thanks for all the laughs from Company A."

On episode No.141 "Who Stole My Watch?" Rob loses his friends when he suspects his party guests of stealing his watch.

TRIVIA NOTE: The sitcom MARTIN/FOX/1992-97 recycled the same plotline on the episode "Suspicious Minds" (11/5/92) when deejay Martin Payne (Martin Laurence) discovers his new CD player is gone. He accuses his four best friends of the theft only to discovers his neighbor Bro'man borrowed it.

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