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Tobacco & Smoking 

Ernie Kovacs - Comic genius Ernie Kovacs who wowed TV audiences in the 1950s with his creative mind and his silly pranks, was always seen smoking an expensive cigar. According to Current Biography (2/58), Kovacs smoked 20 cigars a day, each cigar costing $2.00.

Ernie Kovacs

His  friend, actor Jack Lemmon, recalled Ernie once purchased a hillside in Cuba so he would have a good supply of quality tobacco. He paid cash for the land. Unfortunately, the next day President John F. Kennedy placed an embargo on all items from Cuba.

Ernie did a series of classic cigar commercials for Dutch Master Cigars (his sponsor in the 1950s). A summary of one such ad follows:

Amidst the background music of soft violins we see two cowboys. Ernie in white, the bad guy in black. They draw their pistols. Ernie fills the bad guy with numerous gun shot holes, but the bad guy whose having problem with his gun, just stands there, oblivious of the gunfire. The man in blakc then pulls out a cigar, and inhales. Consequently, smoke rushes out of the numerous bullet holes in his body. The camera pans down to a box of Dutch Master Cigars spotlighted on the sand. Over the screen we see the message: "Step up to finer smoking pleasure.

Ernic Kovacs as the Gunfighter in White

Gunfigther bullet holes leak smoke

Dutch Masters Cigar Ad

Scenes from Classic 1950s Dutch Masters/Ernie Kovacs Ad

Ernie Kovacs as John Smith - DUTCH MASTERS

Pocahontas rubs two sticks together to light John Smith's cigar. Seconds before his beheading, the cigar lights. The cigar's aroma  delights the Indian chief spares Smith's life.

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