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Supertrain - Atomic-powered steam turbine locomotive featured on the short-lived dramatic anthology SUPERTRAIN/NBC/1979.


Built by Trans-Allied Corporation, Supertrain made the rail run from New York City to Los Angeles in 36-hours at speeds of 200 MPH. 

Supertrain was a luxury train (a "Love Boat" on wheels) whose nine coach cars offered all the amenities of the finest hotels including a 22 x 14 foot swimming pool, gymnasium, medical center, steam rooms, beauty salon, library and a discotheque.

Supertrain's crew included:

  • Edward Andrews as Harry Floord, the chief conductor
  • Robert Alda as Dr. Dan Lewis, the train's physician
  • Harrison Page as George Boone, the chief porter
  • Michael Delano as Lou Atkins, the bartender
  • Charlie Brill as Robert the hairdresser
  • Joey Aresco as Wayne Randall, Chief Operations Officer
  • Ilene Graff as Penny Whitaker, Social Director
  • Anthony Palmer as T.C., the engineer.


TRIVIA NOTE: Props for the series (at a cost of $10 million) included a full scale two-story car 64-feet long, 26-feet wide and 22-feet high, a mid-sized version built at 1 and 1/2 inches to the foot, and a baby Supertrain at 3/4-inch scale, and 3000 foot track for miniature scale.

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