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Highwayman Truck - High-tech, heavily armed 12-ton black Mack truck featured on the adventure THE HIGHWAYMAN/NBC/1988.

Highwayman Truck

Patrolling the highways of futuristic America were Highwaymen, lawmen working in secret and alone on behalf of the Justice Department for a test program called the "Stealth Project."

Opening Narration

"Most crimes in our society begin and end on some stretch of road where laws often terminate at county lines. Combating these legal blackouts is a new breed of lawman working in secret and alone and known simply as Highwaymen....They say (of the agent called "Highway") his mother was born of fire and his father was born of wind...some who say the man is good and some say he is bad; but all agree who try to play a cheatin' hand, you only get one chance to draw against...the Highwayman!"

Once such agent named "Highway" (Sam Jones) rode a special gadget-filled truck to combat the bad guys. His truck sported a cab that doubled as the cockpit for a helicopter built into the truck, and a stealth device that turned the truck invisible at full power.

The Highwayman

Others assisting the Highwayman included:

  • Mark "Jacko" Jackson as Jetto, the rough and tumble partner
  • Jane Badler as Tania Winthrop, touch controller who gave the Highwaymen their rolling orders.
  • Tim Russ as D.C.Montana, hi-tech mechanic and electronic wizard who maintained the trucks for the Justice Department.


The phrase "If You Love Something, Set It Free" was printed on the back of the truck. "The Highwayman" was written on the cab doors.

 The truck's various license plates were: 7GR-8E2, 13-8R41, 29-3588, PC-2986, PC-6045 and T-28032.  


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