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Sonny Pruitt and Will Chandler - A pair of gypsy truckers featured on the highway adventure MOVIN' ON/NBC/1974-76.

Frank Converse as Will Chandler and Claude Akins as Sonny Pruitt - MOVIN' ON
Will Chandler and Sonny Pruitt

The series followed the exploits of two long haul truckers, namely  Sonny Pruitt (Claude Akins) and his partner, Will Chandler (Frank Converse).

Sonny Pruit was a veteran trucker. He was old-school rough and tumble with a hot head. Will, on the other hand, was an idealistic, easy-going law school graduate with a level head.

Sonny's Rig - MOVIN'ON

Together they traveled the country in Sonny's 1974 Kenleworth big rig. rig. Along the way, they picked up and dropped off various freight, looked for adventure and helped people in trouble.

Sonny referred to a truck driver as "the last of the buccaneers, the pony express, the knights of the road." He considered people in other jobs as "men in chains. Men who don't dream. Who don't go any place. Don't  do anything."

Sony and Will Have a Disagreement with a Police Officer - MOVIN' ON
Sonny and Will in trouble with the law

Truck Driving 101: The Pacer

Will: How'd they catch up with us so fast?
Sonny: That bought a pacer.
Will: They bought a what?
Sonny You pay a guy to drive ahead of you a couple miles doing a steady 75.
Will What if Smokey jumps out?
Sonny: Then the pacer gets the ticket. You can see the flashing lights and you slow down.

Later in the series, two less than ethical truckers/con men named Benjy (Rosey Grier) and Moose (Art Metrano) shared long haul adventures with Sonny and Will.

Rosey Grier as Benjy and Art Metrano as Moose - MOVIN' ON
Benjy and Moose on the road

Theme Song Lyrics

Big wheels rollin’
Big wheels rollin’ - movin’ on
Big wheels rollin’, gotta keep ‘em goin'
Big wheels rollin’- movin’ on

The white line is the life line to a nation
And men like Will and Sonny make it move
Livin’ like a gypsy, always on the go
Doin’ what they best know how to do

Jammin’ gears has got to be a fever
'Cause men become addicted to the grind
It takes a special breed to be a truck drivin’ man
And a steady hand to pull that load behind
Big wheels rollin’ - big wheels rollin’ - movin’ on

 Written and performed by Merle Haggard

Opening Credits - Movin' On

Opening Credits - Movin' On

Opening Credits - Movin' On

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