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Clown Phobia - Overton Wakefield Jones (John Henton), the building superintendent on the sitcom LIVING SINGLE/FOX/1993-97 had a fear of clowns.

John Henton as Overtown Wakefield

It all started as a child when his mother took him to Ding-a-Dong Circus. The firefighter clown asked him to ride on the tiny hook and ladder.

Every thing was fine until it crashed into the back of an elephant. The sight of 37 clowns digging him out of the aftermath was permanently burned into his brains.

Overton's friends tried to cure him by slowly introducing him to clown related paraphernalia. When one of them put on a red clown nose, Overton said pensively, "OK, but don't squeak it."

Troubled clown seeks help from Dr. Robert Hartley - THE BOB NEWHART SHOW
On the flip side of clown phobias, here is a troubled clown seeking help from Dr. Robert Hartley - The Bob Newhart Show

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