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Warrior Women - Historical

Eleanor Covington - Daughter of the Grey Clan seen on the medieval adventure COVINGTON CROSS/ABC/1992.

Ione Skye as Eleanor Covington - COVINGTON CROSS

Set in 14th century England, Covington Cross tells to tale of the medieval Grey Family and Eleanor, the only girl in a family of three boys and a widowed father.

Like her brothers, Eleanor Grey is quite capable and can handle a cross bow or sword as well as any man in the shire.

Although the customs of the time would dictate that Eleanor act more like a "Lady," Eleanor is not yet ready to settle down to the more tame domestic pleasantries of castle life, but instead, she would rather do the rough-and-tumble with her brothers and anyone who thinks they can best her.

Eleanor stands ready to protect her home from anyone who threatens it especially, the local Baron John Mullens, who continually seeks to ruin her father, Sir Thomas and take their land.

Eleanor's closest feminine influence comes from a nearby castle owned by Lady Elisabeth (Cherie Lunghi) with whom Eleanor's father has romantic interest.

TRIVIA NOTE: The series filmed on location in England. The exteriors were shot at Allington Castle in Kent; the interiors, on two huge London sound stages.

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