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Warrior Women - Historical

Caitlin - Fifth century female warrior seen on the historical adventure ROAR FOX/1997.

Caitlin - ROAR

In the year 400 A.D., the Roman empire still occupied ancient Ireland. But there were those willing to stand up against these oppressors.

Among them was Caitlin (Vera Farmiga), strong-willed, fearless fighter and runaway slave who was a better warrior than most men.

With the aid of her compatriots, Tully, a black apprentice magician, Conor, a 20-year-old orphaned Celtic prince, his mentor Fergus and the sage counsel of Galen, who possessed secrets of magic, Caitlin battled the forces of evil that had landed on fifth century Ireland.

Caitlin's worst fear was Diana (Lisa Zane), an evil power-hungry Roman Queen who used magic and the sorcerer Longinus (Sebastian Roche) , a 400-year-old Roman Centurion cursed with immortality, to suppress the local tribes.

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