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Warrior Women - Historical

Queen Boudica - Battle-hardened barbarian queen (Sian Phillips) seen on the historical drama WARRIOR QUEEN/THA/1978.

Sian Philips as Queen Boudicca - WARRIOR QUEEN

In 61 A.D., Queen Boudica (Boadicea) lead the British in revolt against the Romans who were occupying the Celtics land. Roman historian Tacitus said of Boudica:

"The whole nation took up arms, under the command of Boudica, a woman of royal blood...and after pursuing the soldiers scattered among the Roman forts and capturing the garrisons, they invaded the colony [Colchester] itself, as the local center of servitude; no sort of barbarian cruelty was overlooked in the hour of victory and vengeance."

In 2003, Exxon/Mobil Masterpiece Theater on PBS aired a retelling of Britain's Warrior Queen with Alex Kingston as Boudica, wife of King Prasutagus of the Iceni tribe (in what is now East Anglia) who takes the throne upon the mysterious death of her husband and then proceeds to rally her people against the Romans.

Alex Kingston as Boudica

TRIVIA NOTE: In the ancient Celtic language "Boudica" means "victory." On February 28, 1988 the grave of Boadicea, the warrior queen was located by archaeologists under Platform 8 at King’s Cross railway station, London.

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