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The Adventures of
Wild Bill Hickok


ABC Network & Syndicated
30 Minutes

The exploits of frontier US Marshal James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok (Guy Madison) and his plump, raspy-voiced sidekick, Jingles (Andy Devine) as they helped maintain law and order in the Old West of the 1870s.

As Wild Bill Hickok and Jingles traveled the dusty roads of the Southwest they encountered many adventures and solved lots of crimes, including bank robbery, cattle rustling, land swindles, thievery by hooded outlaws.

Guy Madison as Wild Bill Hickok

Here are just some Wild Bill and Jingles' adventures:

  • Help a cowhand falsely accused of murder and robbery
  • Investigate tomahawk attacks on stagecoach drivers
  • Track down stolen army payroll
  • Solve a gambling casino murder
  • Solve murder of settlers
  • Solve murder of newspaper editor
  • Rescue a pony express rider from a lynch mob
  • Bring arms smugglers to justice
  • Stop racketeers from terrorizing local miners
  • Thwart band of hood outlaws
  • Discover those responsible for lumber camp robberies
  • Stop rainmaker from swindling drought-stricken ranchers
  • Expose a land grab scheme by phony railroad surveyors
  • Intervene in a feud between two families
  • Help a boy who witnessed a murder of a prospector
  • Solve robbery and murder committed by an identical double
  • Protect homesteaders grazing grounds from outlaw squatters
  • Clean up the lawless Cherokee strip
  • Transport convicted outlaws to prison
  • Stop a Scottish-accented Bandit know as the Highlander
  • Thwart the plans of the "Kansas Kid"
  • Uncover a polluted brook filled with cyanide that is poisoning a rancher's cattle


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Champions of justice and the righter of wrongs, Wild Bill and Jingles often  helped the disenfranchised such as the Indians who were often blamed for crimes they did not commit. Bill and Jingles:

  • Help clear an Indian tribe accused of cattle rustling
  • Prove that Indian arrows used to kill two men were not shot by Indians but rather vicious White men.
  • Save an Indian friend accused of murdering a lawman with the help of Bill's horse Buckshot.

Sometimes things got spooky along the trail when Bill and Jingles encountered supernatural goings-on. Like the times:

  • Bill & Jingles encounter a loony prospector and ghosts
  • Jingles poses as a ghost to trap some terrorist outlaws
  • Bill and Jingles come across a suspicious gypsy medium
  • Bill and Jingle investigate a monster in Medicine Lake
  • Jingles inherited a rundown hotel haunted by a pirate ghost

Occasionally, animals came into the picture, when:

  • A boxing kangaroo from a traveling carnival tricks Jingles out of some money he's transporting for a stage line.
  • A monkey helps Bill and Jingles discover the location of its kidnapped owner, Luigi Pastore.

With all the prospecting in the Old West, Bill and Jingle were sure to come into contact with those who coveted all the silver and gold being removed from Mother Earth. Such minerals were the focus of these tales:

  • A crooked assayer convinces an old prospector that his gold mine is worthless, until Bill and Jingle step in to help.
  • A silver smelter hires outlaw to steal his shipments off stagecoaches so he can file insurance claims on the loss.
  • A bank clerk steals a gold shipment and then uses the money to purchase his bank.
  • A search for an old prospector, his dog, and a stolen map.

New technology and discoveries were also part of the Old West. Her are few tales about science:

  • Saboteurs try to steal the patent for a new steam wagon that they want for their own. But Bill and Jingle thwart their plans to foul up the seam wagons trial run.
  • Outlaws use rumors of prehistoric monsters, to scare an Indian tribe off their land and thus keep an important scientific discovery for themselves.
  • Outlaws use the excitement around the return of Halley's Comet as cover for stealing a gold shipment.

And, just once in a while, family entered the picture when a relative came on the scene, like the time:

  • Jingles' nephew Horace Claypool (B.G. Norman) comes west for a visit, but he doesn't think much of his uncle until Bill and Jingles track down a bunch of thieves. This wild adventure shows Horace just how heroic his uncle really is.


TRIVIA NOTE: Wild Bill Hickok rode a horse named "Buckshot"; Jingles rode a horse named "Joker".

A radio version of the series aired on the Mutual network from 1951-1956.

Keith Carradine played legendary frontier hero Wild Bill Hickok on five episodes of the western series DEADWOOD/HBO/2004-2006.

Obituaries: Guy Madison: 02/06/1996; Andy Devine: 02/18/1977

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