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Barbary Coast


ABC Network
1975 - 1976
60 Minutes

Set in San Francisco's notorious Barbary Coast during the 1880s, this was the story of an unlikely alliance between gambler Cash Conover (Doug McClure) the owner of the Golden Gate Casino and Jeff Cable (William Shatner), a special undercover agent and master of disguises who worked for the Governor's office.

Agent Jeff Cable recruited Cash Conover, a former New Orleans riverboat gambler into fighting crime in the rowdy California region. Cash's motto is "Cash Makes No Enemies." For luck, he knocks on wood three times.

Agent Cable used the fact that Cash was wanted for killing the son of a Louisiana Governor in a duel (and  the guilt for once saving Cash's life) to coerce him into using the casino as a front for his operations. Cable used a secret room behind the fireplace in Cash's office as his headquarters.

Other folks in the employ of the casino included:

  • Richard Kiel as Moose Moran, the 7' 2" bouncer
  • Dave Turner as Thumbs, the piano player
  • Bobbi Jordon as Flame, the croupier
  • Francine York as Brandy
  • Brooke Mills as Rusty

 William Shatner as Jeff Cable and Doug McClure as Cash Conover - BARBARY COAST
Jeff Cable and Cash Conover

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The cases that Cash and Cable were involved included:

  • A crooked banker using counterfeit cash to inflate his account
  • Retrieving a valuable pair of jade cats for the Chinese
  • A Jesse James imposter who robs a bank
  • Cash posing as a US Marshal to retrieve hidden stash of cash
  • Recovering a hijacked shipment of rifles
  • Thwarting the assassination plot of a visiting Irish leader
  • Bringing down a "boat-burning" racketeer called the Shark
  • Stopping the robbery of casino patrons on their way home

TRIVIA NOTE: Actor Richard Kiel who played Moose Moran is best known for his role as Jaws, the assassin with metal teeth in the James Bond films The Spy Who Love Me (1977) and Moonraker (1979). and a recurring villain named Voltaire, the gigantic, mute, body crushing assistant to the murderous dwarf Dr. Miguelito Loveless on the western series WILD WILD WEST/CBS/1965-69.

Dennis Cole played the role of Cash Conover in the series pilot. The series was originally called "Cash and Cable".

Obituaries: Doug McClure: 02/05/1995

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