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Family Channel
1988 - 1991
30 Minutes

The story of the 1890s community of Bordertown (formerly known as Pemmican) where the US-Canadian border straddled the town's Main street.

Royal Mountie Corporal Clive Bennett (John H. Brennan) and US Marshal Jack Craddock (Richard Comar) maintained the peace in this 49th parallel town (whose western border was surveyed in 1880). The border actually ran through the middle of the local enforcement office.

Both Clive and Jack courted the attentions of the lovely widow Marie Dumont (Sophie Barjac), the town's physician and proprietor of the general store. Marie's husband, Jacque (a doctor) died after both of them had arrived from Paris, France.

Marshall Jack Craddock is former gunfighter/Texas Ranger. He fought on the side of the Confederacy in the war between the states.

Corporal Clive Bennett is an idealistic member of the North West Mounted Police. Before coming to Bordertown, he was stationed in Toronto, Ontario.


Other citizens of Bordertown included:

  • Donna Carroll White as Joanna Radway, widowed  local ranch owner and head of the Women for Temperance Committee.
  • Duncan Frasier as Zack Denny, the owner of the town's saloon
  • Beverly Elliot as Sally Duffield, an employee at Marie's general store and proprietress of the local boardinghouse.
  • Paul Batten as Wendell MacWherter (Paul Batten),  the banker and owner of the livery stable. He is Sally Duffield's suitor.
  • Fritz Bergold as Otto Danzinger
  • Wyatt Orr as Bruno Danzinger
  • Freda Perry as Diane Denny
  • Gregory Togal as Willie Haddon
  • Kymberly Sheppard as Clara
  • Bill Pepperall as Jake Epple
  • Hagan Beggs as Liam Gleeson
  • Domenico Fiore as Dominic
  • Patrice Valota as Gabriel Couteau

Bordertown was also the crossroads for such notable visitors as Teddy Roosevelt and former law enforcement officer Bat Masterson.

TRIVIA NOTE: The series was jointly produced in Canada by the Family Channel (formerly known as the Christian Broadcasting Network) and Global TV. Filming location sites for the series were Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows in British Columbia.

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