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Cartoon Drama
30 Minutes

This is the story of BraveStarr, a Galactic Marshal and Native American who maintained law and order on the 23rd century planet of New Texas. His base of operations is the town called "Fort Kerium" (Kerium is a crystal mineral worth three times more than gold).

BraveStarr's arsenal of weapons included a Neutra laser pistol, a Trans-freezed rifle and the ability to summon the powers of "spirit animals" that enhanced his vision (Eyes of the Hawk spirit); hearing (Ears of the Wolf spirit); speed (Speed of the Puma spirit) and strength (Strength of the Bear sprit).

BraveStarr's partner is a powerful horse-shaped being named Thirty Thirty, who is the lone survivor of a cybernetic civilization of known as Equestoids. Thirty Thirty is able to run on all four leg or stand like a humanoid. For defense, the outer space equine carries a energy rifle called "Sarah Jane."


BraveStarr's other colleagues included:

  • Handlebar, a huge, green bartender who used to be a Rigelian space pirate. He rustles up a drink called "Sweetwater" whenever BravStarr and Thirty Thirty visit his establishment.
  • Deputy Fuzz, a prairie dog alien from New Texas and sidekick to Bravestarr who can burrow through the ground at great speed. Fuzz and his people are native to the planet of New Texas.
  • Judge J.B. McBride, who uses a high-tech gavel (the "hammer") as a weapon. She is BraveStarr's romantic interest. Her crippled father, Angus McBride is a former prospector-turned-newspaper editor.
  • Shaman, a Native American with magical powers who gives BraveStarr fatherly council. Shaman lives on a mountain called Starr Peak.

The villains and other outer space bad guys included:

  • Tex Hex, the leader of the Carrion Bunch. The lavender-skinned outlaw uses powerful energy bolts to destroy his enemies. Tex does the bidding of Stampede, a demonic bull's skeleton. It was Stampede who mutated Tex Hex and gave him his magical powers of destruction, morphing and the ability to call forth creatures called "Fire Snakes." Tex crippled Angus MacBride when they were mining partners. Tex's ex-girlfriend is called Ursula, whom Tex still loves. She wanted to settle down and have a normal quiet life, but Tex was consumed with a quest for money and Kerium and he chose to leave her.


  • Outlaw Skuzz, who is the cousin of Deputy Fuzz. He likes to smoke cigars and like Tex was mutated by Stampede.
  • Sandstorm, a red-colored reptilian who has the ability to exhale sandstorms which Tex and his gang use as cover to vamoose from a situation.
  • Thunderstick, a robot equipped with a cannon arm. It stutters when it speaks. Cactus Head was another robot with a cactus shaped head and four legs who sports two energy cannons.
  • Two Faced Dingo Dan, a coyote being who can change into human form. He's got an Australian accent. Howler another coyote being had the ability to transform into a human. Dingo Dan, Howler and a small coyote called Barker are led by an overweight coyote called Goldtooth.
  • Vipra, a female serpent being who can hypnotize her victims. Her snake-shaped gun shoots paralyzing rays.
  • Hog-Tie, a humanoid pig who wears a Union Army uniform. His weapon of choice is a twirling bola.

Tex Hex and Evil Comrades - BRAVESTARR
The Bad Buys

Theme Song Lyrics


In a distant time
And far away place
The planet New Texas floats deep in space.
Sky of three suns
Land of precious ore
The Kerium brought outlaws by the score.


Then one day, a lawman appeared
With powers of hawk, wolf, puma and bear
Protecter of peace, mystic man from afar
Champion of justice, Marshall Bravestarr!

Eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf

Strength of the bear, speed of the puma


TRIVIA NOTE: The series was produced by Filmation, the last such animated featured produced by the company before it closed operations.

The inspiration for the BRAVESTARR came from another Filmation character named Tex Hex, developed for their GHOSTBUSTERS animated series.

A line of action figure based on the cartoon were produced by Mattel to promote the series and enhance revenues for Filmation.

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