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Title Card - BUCKSKIN

NBC Network
1958 - 1959
30 Minutes

Set in the town of Buckskin, Montana in the year 1880, this western series was the story of Jody O'Connell (Tommy Nolan), a ten-year-old boy who lived with his mother, Mrs. Annie O'Connell (Sallie Brophy) at their frontier boardinghouse. Tommy's adventures involved the many guests who stayed at their establishment as well as the town residents.

Other citizens in the town of Buckskin included:

  • Michael Roads as Marshall Tom Sellers
  • Michael Lipton as Ben Newcomb, the town schoolteacher
  • Shirley Knight as Mrs. Newcomb
  • Orville Sherman as Mr. Feeney
  • Freeman Lusk as Dr. Samuel Woodson
  • Jim Murphy as Casey, Jody's orphaned cousin from Ireland

Tommy Nolan as Jody O'Connell and Sallie Brophy as Annie O'Connell - BUCKSKIN
Jody O'Connell and his mother, Annie

Here are some of Jody's adventures:

  • Jody comes to the aid of a wounded man.
  • An outlaw's son participates in a spelling bee, and Jody is the only one who doesn't withdraw from the competition.
  • Jody is disappointed when a sheep trader refuses to sell a rifle in exchange for Jody's prize lamb.
  • Jody meets a quack doctor whom his mother once knew.
  • Jody gets in hot water when he borrows his late father's watch (which he breaks). Consequently, his mother thinks the watch was stolen and blames a boardinghouse servant.
  • Jody learns about evolution in school which nearly gets the schoolteacher fired for teaching the subject.
  • Jody meets an Indian girl who wants to get rid of her baby.
  • Jody becomes the temporary manager of the boardinghouse when his mother takes a vacation
  • To make money, Jody sells a sugary grape flavored drink.

TRIVIA NOTE:  BUCKSKIN was the summer replacement series for the TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD SHOW (a product of Ernie Ford's BetFord Corporation). Each episode was narrated by the series lead Tommy Nolan who sat on a corral fence and played his harmonica.

Sally Brophy and Tommy Nolan on the TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD SHOW (March 5, 1959)
Sally Brophy and Tommy Nolan
on the Tennessee Ernie Ford Show

Obituaries: Sally Brophy: 09/18/2007

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