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The Cisco Kid

Title Card - THE CISCO KID

1950 - 1956
30 Minutes

Set in New Mexico of the 1890s, this was the tale of the Cisco Kid (Duncan Renaldo), a Latin "Robin Hood of the Old West" who righted wrongs with the assistance of his comic sidekick, Pancho (Leo Carrillo).

As Cisco and Pancho roamed the rugged landscape of the Southwest, they encountered all sorts of criminals, including rustlers, smugglers, stagecoach and bank robbers, land swindlers, masked outlaws, and jewel thieves.

The phrases "Oh Pancho!" and "Oh, Cisco!" were heard at the end of each adventure just as our frontier heroes raced into the distance on their faithful horses, Diablo (Cisco) and Loco (Pancho).

Pancho and The Cisco Kid
Pancho and The Cisco Kid

"Here's Adventure! Here's Romance Here's O. Henry's famous Robin Hood of the Old West...THE CISCO KID."

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Here's are some of Cisco and Pancho's many adventures:

  • Gunmen posing as Cisco and Pancho rob a bank.
  • Counterfeiters pass phony money through a frontier bank
  • A rancher kills his neighbor and frames Cisco for the crime.
  • Cisco and Pancho unmask a forger posing as a girl's uncle.
  • A convict escapes and seeks the man who framed him.
  • Oil is discovered and Cisco is blamed for the owner's murder.
  • Released from prison, a gunfighter seeks revenge on C & P
  • Cisco and Pancho break up a gang of rustlers run by a gambler
  • Cisco and Pancho track a man pushing bogus land deeds.
  • A cattle buyer tries to profit from a phony livestock epidemic.
  • Cisco and Pancho track a man who stole $25000 in bonds.
  • Cisco and Pancho break up a band of outlaws terrorizing a town.
  • Cisco and Pancho are on the trail of a stolen diamond necklace.
  • A carnival performer hypnotized her husband to commit murder.
  • Cisco get involved in a knife fight over a Gypsy woman.
  • Pancho goes to a bank to cash a check during a hold up.
  • Cisco unearths a jeweled dagger that is cursed.
  • Cisco and Pancho avenge the death of an archaeologist.
  • A prospector strikes it rich and then is murdered
  • Three men plan to steal a horde of lost Incan City treasure.
  • Cisco and Pancho chase an outlaw gang to a ghost town.
  • Bandits use an escaped carnival gorilla in their robberies.
  • A dentist helps Cisco and Pancho catch a notorious killer.
  • A crooked hospital trustee frames a doctor for murder.
  • Cisco and Pancho investigate the suspicious death of a banker.
  • Cisco and Pancho are ambushed while escorting a prisoner.
  • A photographer accidentally takes a picture of a murder.
  • Outlaws kill a sheriff and Cisco and Pancho are hot on their trail.
  • Stagecoach line switch dynamite for gold to stop stage robberies.
  • Outlaws hold ransom a much needed bottle of smallpox vaccine.
  • Pancho's shoemaker blackmails a man he thinks is a murderer.
  • A crooked mayor and blowgun killer are on the loose.
  • Pancho's cousin wants to testify that he witnessed a murder.
  • White men terrorize local farmers in the guise of Indians.
  • Dead man's ghost haunts his heirs now living at his ranch.

Duncan Renaldo as The Cisco Kid and Leo Carillo as Pancho


Dell Comic - THE CISCO KID

Fan Club Membership Certificate - THE CISCO KID

Dell Comic - THE CISCO KID

Cap Pistol - The CISCO KID

TRIVIA NOTE: While filming the 1953 episode "Battle of Red Rock Pass" a piece of rock from an explosion hit Duncan Renaldo. The  injury sent him to the hospital for several weeks.

To continue shooting the series, the scripts called for Cisco (stunt double Troy Melton) to wear a mask and bandages (e.g.,  the episode titled "The Bandaged Badman"). Duncan Renaldo provided extreme close-ups when necessary as he recovered from his injury. 

The Cisco Kid  was the first series to be filmed in color. It was inspired by the short story "The Caballero's Way" written in 1907 by William Sydney Porter (a.k.a. "O. Henry"). The original Cisco was a frontier outlaw who was "not" Hispanic and "not" very nice.

Unlike some early versions of Cisco which were scruffy bandito types, the 1950s TV version starred Duncan Renaldo was a proud, handsome Mexican who wore smart, tight-fitting embroidered jackets, pants and a large-brimmed sombrero which always caught the senoritas eyes.

Herbert Stanley Dunn was the first person to play the Cisco Kid in the 1923 silent movie The Caballero's Way.

Other actors to star as Cisco included Warner Baxter/1929-39; Cesar Romero/1939-41; Duncan Renaldo/1945 and 1949-50; Gilbert Roland/1946-47. On radio The Cisco Kid was played by Jackson Beck and Jack Mather.

A comic strip based on O. Henry's hero was drawn by Jose Luis Salinas in the early 1950s.

Hispanic actor Jimmy Smits starred in the movie remake The Cisco Kid (1994) with comedian Cheech Marin in the role of Pancho, his faithful companion.

Obituaries: Duncan Renaldo: 09/03/1980; Leo Carrillo: 09/10/1961

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