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Dirty Sally

Title Card - DIRTY SALLY

CBS Network
30 Minutes

Jeanette Nolan starred as Sally Fergus, a crusty old junk collector traveling west in a wagon pulled by a mule named Worthless. Dack Rambo costarred as Cyrus Pike, a young ex-gunfighter who reluctantly accompanied her along the way. Sally considers Cyrus, the son she never had.

When Sally wasn't drinking liquor, cussing or chawing on tobacco, she was meddling into the lives of the people she met along the road to California where she hoped to pan for gold.

On their way to California, Sally & Pike have these adventures:

  • Sally helps out a pig farmer in need.
  • Sally comes across a bunch of orphaned children who are running a farm on their own.
  • Sally encounters a drunken Army sergeant who was recently forced to retire from the cavalry.
  • Sally meets an escaped prisoner who desires desperately to  to get back to his pregnant wife.
  • Pike helps a damsel in distress and gets dissed for his troubles.
  • Sally get kicked out of men's-only saloon and is she pissed.
  • Sally meets an old blind lady who waits for the day her grandson will return from the army.
  • Sally helps a preacher fulfill his life's goals before he dies.
  • Sally turns an boisterous farm girl into a demure princess.
  • Pike's about to hanged as a horse thief, and Sally must prove he's innocent.
  • Pike decides to become an actor and appear on stage.
  • Posing as the mother of Billy the Kid, Sally beats a bunch of gamblers at their own cheating ways.

Jeanette Nolan and Dack Rambo as Dirty Sally and Cyrus Pike
Dirty Sally & Cyrus Pike

Jeanette Nolan as DIRTY SALLY

Dack Rambo as Cyrus Pike - DIRTY SALLY

Dirty Sally

Cyrus Pike

Worthless the Mule - DIRTY SALLY

Worthless the Mule

TRIVIA NOTE: The series was a spin-off of the western series GUNSMOKE/CBS/1955-1975 wherein Jeanette Nolan first appeared as a Dodge City denizen named Dirty Sally who lived in the desert and made her living collecting and selling bottles and other odd bits.

When she comes across Cyrus Pike, a wounded outlaw who was shot by Festus for robbing the freight office in Dodge, she cares for his injuries but is later threatened by a gang who sought  Pike and the stolen loot from the robbery. He snatched all the loot when his fellow outlaws were going to leave him wounded and alone. (two part episode "Pike" aired March 1&8 1971).

Before the debut of her series, Dirty Sally appeared in a second episode of Gunsmoke entitled "One for the Road" (January 24. 1972) where she helps a wealthy man with a drinking problem fight off relatives who want to take control of his fortune.

Obituaries: Jeanette Nolan: 02/15/1998; Dack Rambo: 03/21/1994;

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