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The Nine Lives of
Elfego Baca


ABC Network
1958 - 1962
60 Minutes

Robert Loggia starred as Elfego Baca, a peace-loving Mexican-American sheriff who lived in Socorro County, New Mexico in the 1880s.

Initally, Elfego Baca arrives in the town of Frisco, New Mexico and subdues a loud-mouthed drunk. For his efforts, the townfolk deputize Baca. But trouble ensues when friends of the drunk seek revenge. They try to kill Baca with multiple gunshots (from allegedly 80 cowboys), but Elfego held up in a house and luckily after nearly a days worth of shooting and 4,000 rounds fired, he cheats death and gets the cat-like reputation of having nine lives and the nickname "The Man Who Couldn't Be Killed."


Elfego also was known as a man who fought outlaws with his brains rather than his guns. One of his tactics for catching criminals was a simple letter. In the letter, Baca politely invited the accused to please come to the sheriff's office and give themselves up. Amazingly, some did, but those who didn't faced Elfego personally and some never lived to see a trial.

When Elfego earned a law degree, he set up business in Santa Fe with a partner. His first client was accused of robbing a bank. Did Elfego win his case. What do you think? Of course he did.

TRIVIA NOTE: Based on the memoirs of the real-life Elfego Baca (1865-1945), the series was featured under the "Frontierland" banner of ABC's DISNEYLAND. The first episode "The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca" aired on October 3, 1958. The last episode "Elfego Baca: Six Gun Law" aired in 1962 (an edited compilation of series episodes).

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