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Title Card - FRONTIER

NBC Network
1955 - 1956
30 Minutes

Western anthology narrated by Walter Coy about the problems faced by hordes of Americans moving west in the last century.

"This is the West. This is the land of beginning again. This is the story of men and women facing the frontier. This is the way it happened." -- Opening Narration

Each program followed the pioneers as they encountered a variety of hardships, including rugged landscapes, rustlers, hostile Indians, and vicious outlaws.

Here are some of the anthology storylines:

  • Feuding sheepherders and cattle ranchers.
  • Cavalry troops massacre friendly Indians.
  • The rigors of a cattle drive.
  • Travelers fall prey to hostile Indians.
  • Hardships experienced on the trail to Tucson, Arizona.
  • A young man accused of murder must prove his innocence.
  • Prospectors struggle to find water in the Arizona desert.
  • A sheriff at Thunder Butte Creek must handle a hanging.
  • Pioneers cross the deadly Death Valley desert.

The program closed with the words, "It happened that way...moving west." 

TRIVIA NOTE: The series was produced by Californian National Productions. Narrator Walter McCoy occasionally appeared as an actor on the series. Like the DEATH VALLEY DAYS anthology series, the stories on FRONTIER were based on actual events.

Obituaries: Walter McCoy: 12/11/1974

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