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The Gene Autry Show


CBS Network
1950 - 1956
30 Minutes

Western adventure starring singing cowboy Gene Autry who righted wrongs and sang a few songs as he traveled the Southwest with his comic sidekick, Pat Buttram. Gene's horse was Champion, the Wonder Horse.

From time to time Gene's sidekick included a burly fellow named Tiny (Alan Hale, Jr.,) a boisterous guy named Chill (Chill Wills) and a scruffy gent known as Sagebrush (Fuzzy Knight).

Gene's headquarters was the Melody Ranch. It was run with the help of .Flying 'A' Ranch hands (The Cass County Boys) .

When not taking it easy at Melody ranch or singing a song, Gene and his sidekick enforced the rules of the west on a variety of culprits including, thieving rancher, bank robbers, cattle rustlers, land grab swindlers, stagecoach hold up men, waterhole polluters and claim jumpers, to name a few.

Gene Autry and Champion the Wonder Horse

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As Gene traveled from place to place, he took on many roles, for example a rancher, a cowpoke, a sheriff or an undercover agent. In the midst of all this action, Gene met a lot of folks. Here is a list of them by category.

Assay Officer

  • Harry Lauter as Uvade, the Dandy Assayer


  • Stanley Andrews  as Banker Ben Tansey
  • Robert Livingston as Banker Kirk Curry
  • James Best as Bank Teller
  • Pierce Lyden as Bank Teller


  • William Henry as Dr. H. C. Westover
  • Roy Gordon as Dr. R.J. Armstrong
  • Ralph Sanford as 'Doc' Bailey
  • Frank Jaquet as Dr. Richard Moore


  • Sally Mansfield as Miss Abby, School Teacher
  • Ross Ford as Professor Donald Markham
  • Denver Pyle as Professor Sharp

Ethnic Characters

  • Peter J. Votrian as Pedro Gonzales
  • Glenn Strange as Chief White Cloud
  • Bernard Szold as Alonzo the Gypsy
  • Julian Upton as Jose
  • Chief Thundercloud as Chief Tehome

The Henchmen

  • Art Dillard as Henchman
  • Harry Lauter as Henchman in Plaid Shirt
  • Kermit Maynard as Tall, Slender Henchman
  • Sandy Sanders as Chuck, Henchman Cook
  • Steve Conte as 'Breed' - Lead Henchman
  • Henry Rowland as Henchman Neely
  • Marshall Reed as Ed, Henchman
  • Ray Bennett as Luke Travis, Gang Leader
  • George Pembroke as Kelly the Knife Man
  • John L. Cason as Big Street Brawler
  • Craig Woods as 'Chalky' White, an outlaw
  • Frank Matts as Henchman
  • Arthur Space as George Elkhart, Gang Leader
  • Dick Curtis as Henchman Ed Simms
  • Chuck Roberson as Henchman in Leather Vest
  • Bill Kennedy as Henchman Bill
  • Tom Tyler as Henchman Hank
  • Ray Bennettas Luke Travis, Gang Leader
  • Holly Bane as Dusty - Livery Station Henchman
  • I. Stanford Jolley as Henchman Jesse Whately
  • Tom Monroe as Hefty Henchman Trailing Gene
  • Clayton Moore as Bud, Kidnap Henchman
  • Riley Hill as Henchman in Black Shirt
  • Bill Crandall as Robson - Henchman in Red Shirt
  • Sydney Mason as Bill Grenner, Thug Leader
  • Richard Avonde as Gantry, Lead Henchman
  • Rory Mallinson as Henchman Red Stearns
  • William Haade as Henchman Calico
  • Ewing Miles Brown as Henchman Rush Norton
  • Rusty Wescoatt as Cole, Beefy Henchman in Checked Shirt
  • Larry Hudson as Reed, Town Outlaw
  • Tex Terry as Bearded Deputy-Henchman
  • Tex Terry as Sage, Bearded Thug
  • George Slocum as Hefty, Unshaven Thug
  • Ed Hinkle as Fight Henchman
  • Tom Neal  as Buck, animal abuser
  • Edmund Cobb as Hank, crowd agitator

The Lawmen

  • Kenne Duncan as Sheriff Tim McBride
  • Kenne Duncan as Marshal Tub Mohan
  • Bud Osborne as Sheriff Manning
  • Ed Dearing as Sheriff Cody
  • Francis McDonald as Sheriff Dan Carter
  • James Harrison as Sheriff Downey
  • Kenneth MacDonald as Sheriff Jack Judd
  • Bill Kennedy as Sheriff Dan Burke
  • Bill Kennedy as Sheriff Tom Lash
  • Denver Pyle as Jim the Sheriff
  • Harry Harvey as Sheriff Henry Blake
  • Harry Harvey as Sheriff Ed Jackson
  • Harry Harvey as Sheriff
  • Bill George as Sheriff Ned Ritch
  • Pierre Watkin as Sheriff
  • John Close as Sheriff Tim Davis
  • Arthur Space as Sheriff
  • Keith Richards as Sheriff Sam
  • William Fawcett as Sheriff Eben Bailey
  • Ewing Mitchell as Sheriff Jim Kent
  • Ewing Mitchell as Sheriff Clay Cody
  • Ewing Mitchell as Sheriff
  • Tom London as Zeb, the Sheriff
  • Robert Filmer as Sheriff Davis
  • Lane Chandler as Sheriff Asa Wendell
  • Al Bridge as Sheriff
  • Alan Bridge as Sheriff Jeb Warner
  • Edgar Dearing as Sheriff
  • George Pembroke as The Sheriff
  • Edmund Cobb as Sheriff
  • Stanley Andrews as Sheriff
  • Joe McGuinn as Sheriff Higgins
  • John Halloran as Marshal Douglas Vance
  • Don Harvey as Deputy Jim Dixon
  • Jack Ingram as Deputy Sam
  • Gordon Jones as Deputy Sheriff in Gray Shirt
  • James Harrison as Deputy Bill
  • Lee Phelps as Deputy Bart Brent
  • Rand Brooks as Deputy
  • Leonard Penn  Deputy Marvin Green
  • Sandy Sanders as Night Deputy
  • Ted Mapes as Deputy Tom Elliott
  • Harry Harvey as Deputy Sheriff Peters


  • Harry Cheshire as Judge Mike Hooper
  • George Pembroke as The Judge
  • Lyle Talbot as Judge Thaddeus Fawcett
  • Stanley Andrews as Judge Alfred Stone
  • Stanley Andrews as Judge Hiram Stone
  • Stanley Andrews as Judge Lockwood
  • Earle Hodgins as Judge


  • Lane Chandler as Reverend Parker


  • Bert Dodson as Bass player
  • Fred S. Martin as Accordion player
  • Jerry Scoggins as Guitar player


  • Jack Daly as Julius Smithers, pawnbroker


  • Richard Travis as Hec Watson, the Mayor
  • James Craven as Mayor Elliott Johnson
  • Lyle Talbot as Senator Henry J. Murphy

Saloon Folk

  • Lee Morgan as Bartender
  • Frank Ellis as Bartender
  • Jack Perrin as Barfly

Stage Coach Personnel

  • Bob Woodward as Stagecoach Driver
  • Boyd Stockman as Stagecoach Driver
  • Ed Hinkle as 2nd Stage driver
  • Edward Clark as Station Agent
  • Hank Patterson as Idaho, Stage Driver
  • Reed Howes as Davis, Passenger Agent
  • Terry Frost as Carl McHenry, Wells' Fargo Agent
  • William Fawcett as Steve Harper, Driver

Townfolk (In General)

The Men

  • Gregg Barton as Stan Richter
  • Myron Healey as Blake, Angry Townsman
  • William Fawcett as Crazy Charley
  • Terry Frost as Bill Daly
  • George J. Lewis as Ben Foster
  • Denver Pyle as Burr Ramsey
  • Don C. Harvey as Arnold Beeker
  • Dickie Jones as Billy Walker
  • Alan Hale Jr. as Tiny
  • Leonard Penn as Martin Pickett
  • Francis McDonald as Dave Jamison
  • John Doucette as Ace Bolton
  • Dennis Moore as Abner Barnes
  • Fuzzy Knight as Sagebrush
  • Rick Vallin as Big Tim Brady
  • Lyle Talbot as George Evans
  • Jim Bannon as Ed Talbot
  • Keith Richards as Cliff Barton
  • James Craven as Brad Bidwell
  • Ben Welden as Baldy Carter
  • Robert J. Wilke as Charlie Bolton
  • Elaine Riley as Jan Carter Gray
  • Steve Darrell as Henry Harlow
  • B.G. Norman as Johnny
  • Sammy Ogg as Lefty Legan
  • Robert Bice as Cal Driscoll
  • Jim Frasher as Billy Stone
  • House Peters Jr. as Lou Phelps
  • Emile Meyer as Big Jim Weston
  • Harry Cheshire as Bert Hodge
  • Robert Lowery as Blake Jessup
  • Emmett Lynn as Hannibal Sampson
  • Dick Rich as Frank Layton
  • James Griffith as Bill Hubbard
  • Raymond Hatton as Slinger
  • John Close as Big Jim Gridley
  • Robert Filmer as Bert Monahan
  • Francis Ford as Jed, Rancher
  • Steve Pendleton as Lafe Ford
  • Lee Van Cleef as Hod 
  • Richard Emory as Jeff Carter
  • Steve Clark as Pete Munroe
  • Pierre Watkin as Colonel
  • Rand Brooks as.. Jeff Elwood
  • Billy Gray as Eddie Baker
  • Lee Frederick as 'Maverick Dan' Blake
  • John Hamilton as Dan Parker
  • Forrest Taylor as Eli Clark
  • Hugh Prosser as Latimer
  • Richard Alexander as 'Dog-Iron' Ned
  • Zon Murray as Bo Hanlon
  • James Anderson as Bert Halsey
  • Paul Campbell as Andy McBride
  • George Steele as Tom March
  • Merrill McCormick as George Colby

The Women

  • Gail Davis as Ann Lawton
  • Sheila Ryan as Betty Taylor
  • Wendy Waldron as Deborah Randall
  • Mira McKinney as Belle Harte
  • Nan Leslie as Faith Harding
  • Barbara Stanley as Alice Caldwell
  • Elaine Riley as Jan Carter Gray
  • Margaret Field as Peggy Barker
  • Rochelle Stanton as Gail Eastman
  • Ann Doran as Aunt Lynn
  • Eilene Janssen as Theodora Natalie 'T.N.T.' Towne
  • Sally Fraser as Deborah Talbot
  • Lynne Roberts as Miss Summers
  • Sherry Jackson as Bonnie Ford
  • Donna Martell as Diana Jamison
  • Mary Treen as Adele Tompkins
  • Louise Lorimer as Ada Mitchell
  • Jean Howell as Kathy Fitzpatrick
  • Belle Mitchell as Emily Blake
  • Beatrice Gray as Babysitter

Town Folk (Generic)

  • Frankie Marvin as Townsman
  • Ray Jones as Townsman
  • Herman Hack as Townsman
  • Al Haskell as Townsman
  • Tex Palmer as Townsman
  • Augie Gomez as Townsman
  • Frankie Marvin as Townsman
  • Bob McElroy as Townsman


TRIVIA NOTE:  In 1955, fifty-six of Autry's Republic feature films were syndicated into 60-minute programs by MCA Film Syndicate. The series was produced by Flying "A" Productions.

Each episode, Gene Autry sang "Back In The Saddle Again", the show's theme song (written by Gene Autry & Ray Whitley).

Obituaries: Gene Autry:  10/02/1998;  Pat Buttram:  01/08/1994; Bob Woodward: 02/07/1972; Frankie Marvin: 01/18/1985; Art Dillard: 03/30/1960; Gregg Barton: 11/28/2000; Boyd Stockman: 03/10/1998; Harry Lauter: 10/30/1990; Gail Davis: 03/15/1997.

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