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Title Card - LAREDO

NBC Network
1965 - 1967
60 Minutes

The exploits of three Texas Rangers, Reese Bennett (Neville Brand), Chad Cooper (Peter Brown), and Joe Riley (William Smith) based in Laredo, Texas in the days following the Civil War.

Ranger Chad Cooper hails from New Orleans. He is literate, well-mannered fellow with expertise in fencing, boxing and is fast on the draw. Chad is the schemer and ladies man of the group. His mission in life is to avoid work and come up with get rich schemes that will supplement his $40 a month salary. Chad rode a black horse adorned with fancy tack.

Ranger Joe Riley an ex-gunfighter wore a knife sheathed on his pant leg. Raised by Indians, he had an eagle-eye for little details which made him a great tracker. He and Chad often used partner Reese Bennett as a comic foil of all their pranks and schemes.

Ranger Reese Bennett is a former Union Army officer. He's the oldest oldest of the three rangers (in his 40s). He's tough, but not too smart. Reese is proud to be a Ranger although he initially joined the team to get immunity for a crime he committed in another state.

Other Rangers in the service of the state included:

  • Philip Carey as Captain Edward Parmalee, the boys' superior who gave them their assignments and kept a critical eye on their trouble-prone antics.
  • Robert Wolders as Erik Hunter, another Texas Ranger who  joined the team. His fancy wardrobe seems to be endless.
  • Claude Akins as Cotton Buckmeister, a tough, older ranger.
  • Cactus the Horse, Reese's trusty steed.

Cast of LAREDO
Reese, Chad, Joe and Parmalee

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TRIVIA NOTE: The pilot for LAREDO debuted on April 21, 1965 episode of THE VIRGINIAN entitled "We Lost A Train" in which Judge Garth (Lee J. Cobb) sends Trampas (Doug McClure) to Mexico to pick up a prize bull and along the way he tangles with three Texas Rangers (Reese, Chad and Joe) who rescue a baby, battle Yaqui Indian, thwart gunrunning Mexican soldiers and recover a train shipment of gold.

Peter Brown previously appeared as Deputy Johnny McKay on the western LAWMAN/ABC/1958-62 starring John Russell.

Obituaries: Philip Carey: 02/02/2009; Neville Brand; 04/16/1992;

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