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Title Card - MCCLOUD

NBC Network
1970 - 1977
60/90/120 Minutes

Dennis Weaver starred as Sam McCloud, a Deputy US Marshal from Taos, New Mexico who was assigned to the concrete canyons of New York City (27th  Precinct) to learn modern law enforcement tactics.

McCloud reported to Chief of Detectives Peter B. Clifford (J.D. Cannon) who often ordered Sgt. Joe Broadhurst (Terry Carter) to monitor McCloud‘s maverick behavior (but usually Joe got involved in Sam's unsanctioned investigations).

Sam's trademarks included a sheep-skin lined jacket, cowboy boots, Stetson hat and the catchphrase "There ya' go." He also used down home expressions like "Ya know, when the hound is chasin' the rabbits, the fox has the run o' the woods";  "He's slicker'n a greased shoat (young pig)."; and "You see, nothin', nothin' will get as lonesome as a New Mexico beaver."

Dennis Weaver as Sam McCloud - MCCLOUD

Sam also had a wry sense of humor, like time he said, "Will you hold my bomb just a minute? Just a minute. I got a pebble in my boot."   

When chasing a crook, Sam had no problem borrowing a patrolman's mount and galloping horseback through the streets of the Big Apple to catch his man.

Other people in McCloud's world included:


  • Diana Muldaur as Chris Coughlin , a writer for the New York Chronicle and McCloud’s romantic interest. Her father owns the newspaper. Proud to be a writer, she once said "I am sometimes a newspaper writer, never a reporter."
  • Coleen Gray as Mrs. Clifford, Peter's wife.
  • Tracy Reed as Mrs. Carol Broadhurst, Joe's wife.
  • Alfred Ryder as Dr. Dudley
  • Herb Jefferson Jr. as Doctor
  • Booth Colman as Coroner
  • Randolph Mantooth as Intern
  • Fred Holliday as Intern 

Dennis Weaver as Sam McCloud - MCCLOUD


  • Robert Hogan as Deputy Marshal
  • Sidney Clute as Detective Simms
  • Ken Scott as Detective Polk
  • John Finnegan as Desk Sergeant
  • Ken Lynch as Sergeant Grover with the gravelly voice
  • Teri Garr as Sergeant Phyllis Norton
  • Della Reese as Sergeant Gladys Harris
  • Thomas Bellin as Officer Barnes
  • Michael Pataki as Officer Rizzo
  • George Murdock as Officer Duncan
  • Tony Ballen as Officer
  • Hunter von Leer as Officer
  • Maurice Marsac as French Officer
  • Marcel Hillaire as Inspector LeBlanc


TRIVIA NOTE: The series was inspired by the Clint Eastwood feature film  Coogan's Bluff (1968) about Deputy Sheriff Walt Coogan, a police officer from Arizona who takes a prisoner back to New York, loses him and then recaptures him.

MCCLOUD first aired as a segment of NBC'S FOUR IN ONE (60 minutes), then on the NBC MYSTERY MOVIE on Wednesday nights and later a part of the NBC SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIE (90/120 minutes). The series pilot "McCloud: Who Killed Miss U.S.A.?" (a.k.a. "Portrait of a Dead Girl") aired on February 17, 1970.

In 1974 and 1975, Dennis Weaver was nominated for an Emmy for his role as Sam McCloud.

Dennis reprised his role on the CBS TV movie The Return of Sam McCloud (11/12/1989) where Sam, now a New Mexico Senator, investigates the murder of his niece who was gathering facts on Chemtel, a nefarious chemical manufacturer who were also responsible for a car bomb and a snipers bullet that targeted him for assassination. See also "Gunsmoke" and "Kentucky Jones"

Obituaries: Dennis Weaver: 02/24/2006; J.D. Cannon: 05/20/2005; Ken Lynch:  02/13/1990; Sidney Clute: 10/02/1985; Ken Scott: 12/01/1986;

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