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Title Card - PARADISE

CBS Network
1988 - 1990
60 Minutes

Lee Horsley starred as Ethan Allen Cord, an 1890s professional gunfighter who put his pistols aside, when his terminally ill sister, Lucy Cord Carroll (Kathryn Leigh Scott), sent her four children to live with him in the mining town of Paradise, California.

Lucy believed her brother was a hardware store owner, but her children soon learned their Uncle lived by the gun. Quickly, Ethan realized he needed to provide a more stable home for his niece and nephews and so he retired his guns, rented a house and and began the life of a peaceable rancher.

A short time later, however, Ethan pulled his guns out of mothballs and faced down Marshal Blake (Robert Fuller), a corrupt lawman. Ethan was force to kill the marshal and for his valiant act, he was appointed marshal and thus began a new chapter in the life of this gunfighter turned caregiver to a bunch of kids and the now citizens of the town of Paradise.

In between his new responsibilities, Ethan found time to build a new home for the children in a place called the Meadows.

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Lee Horsley as Ethan Allen Cord - PARADISE

Cord's adopted children included:

  • Jenny Beck as Claire Carroll, 13, the daughter of Lucy Carroll, a St. Louis entertainer who sent her children to Uncle Ethan when an illness claim life. Claire has two dolls: Rapunzel and Juliet. Her close friend is Katie Hamilton (Milla Jovovich), a beautiful 13-year-old girl whose mother trained her to be a prostitute.
  • Matthew Newmark as Joseph Carroll, Lucy's 11-year-old son. He worked at the Paradise Hotel.
  • Brian Lando as Benjamin Carroll, Lucy's 9-year-old son.. He likes to collect wanted posters.
  • Michael Patrick Carter as George Carroll, Lucy's 5-year-old son.

Ethan, Claire, Joseph, Amelia, Benjamin, & George

Friends and acquaintances of the family included:

  • Dehl Berti as John Taylor, a Native American with healing skills. John wears his grey hair long and tops of  his head with a tall hat. When he can, he helps Ethan with the children.
  • Sigrid Thornton as Amelia Lawson, the owner of the Paradise bank, Ethan's romantic interest and surrogate mom to his kids. Amelia hired Claire to be a teller at the bank.
  • Mark Dryden as Scotty McBride, the bartender.
  • James Crittenden as Charlie, the deputy sheriff.
  • Randy Crowder as Wade Stratton
  • Benjamin Lum as Mr. Lee, a storekeeper.
  • Michael Ensign as Mr. Axelrod, a storekeeper.
  • J. William Parker as Mr. Dodd, who worked in the hotel.
  • John Bloom as Tiny, the town blacksmith .
  • Joel Terlesky as Dakota, Cord's gambler pal. Dakota came to town to avenge his the death of his father, and decided to stay and earn a living at cards fleecing the local miners of their money.
  • Gay Hagen as Pearl
  • Warren Munson as Henderson
  • Julianna McCarthy as Margaret, the bank clerk
  • Louis Plante as William
  • Will Hunt as Carl.
  • Nicolas Surovy as P. J. Brakenhouse, the town marshal.
  • Jimmie Booth as the conductor.

TRIVIA NOTE: The program changed its name to GUNS OF PARADISE in 1991 when Ethan became the marshal of Paradise. 

Classic TV westerns stars Hugh O'Brien (Wyatt Earp), Gene Barry (Bat Masterson) reprised their roles in a two-part episode at the start of the second season; and Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford from The Rifleman series were reunited in a 1990 episode.

Obituaries: Dehl Berti: 11/26/1991

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