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The Quest

Title Card - THE QUEST

NBC Network
60 Minutes

The story of the Baudine brothers who joined forces to search for their sister, Patricia who was captured by Cheyenne Indians in the frontier of the 1890s.

 "The legend of the Baudine brothers has etched itself into frontier history in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Morgan 'Two Persons' Baudine, captured by the Cheyenne and freed eight years later by the Army. Quentin Baudine, a young doctor from San Francisco. Across thousands of miles from the Missouri breaks to the Canadian rivers, from the Rockies to the High Plains, both join together in a search for their sister, Patricia, still a captive of the Cheyenne. The legend of the Baudine brothers. This is their story; this is THE QUEST." 

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The Baudine brothers included:

  • Kurt Russell as Morgan "Two Persons" Baudine who had been raised by the Cheyenne Indians until freed by the Cavalry. Morgan spoke fluent Cheyenne. His knowledge of the Native American culture helped him on his quest for his sister who was captured by a different Cheyenne tribe eight years earlier.
  • Tim Matheson as Quentin, a young medical student who was raised by an aunt in San Francisco.

TRIVIA NOTE: A similar plot appears in the classic John Ford western The Searchers (1956) starring John Wayne who, as Ethan Edwards, a returning Civil War veteran, heads out into the hostile territories to find his niece Debbie (Natalie Wood) who was abducted by Indians. His intentions, at first, were to kill the girl because she had been tainted by the savages, but in a heartfelt reunion, he picks her up in his arms and carries her home to her parents.

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