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Quick Draw McGraw


1959 - 1961
Cartoon Comedy
30 Minutes

Hanna-Barbera cartoon about a bumbling, gun-totting New Mexico marshal in the guise of a horse named Quick Draw McGraw and his Mexican burro sidekick, Baba-Looie (a.k.a. "Baba Boy").

Quick Draw got his name by being fast with a pencil when drawing mustaches on faces during his younger pony years.

Quick Draw's crime fighting alter-ego El Kabong!, a Zorro look-alike, subdued bad guys by hitting them on the head with a guitar ("Kabong!")

 Quick Draw McGraw

Quick Draw McGraw's foes included:

  • Big Chief Little Runt
  • Bow-Wow Bandit
  • Horse Face Harry
  • Slippery Earl Slick
  • Sundown Sam,
  • Walker de Plank (a pirate)

Quick Draw's catchphrase is "I'll do the thin'in (thinking) around here," and "dooooon't you forget it!" His girlfriend is a cute little filly named Sagebrush Sal.

Quick Draw's hound dog Snuffles tracked down the bad guys only after Quick Draw gave him a doggie biscuit treat. When he ate the treat, Snuffles floated happily up in to the air and then slowly returned to the ground.

Baba Looey and Quick Draw McGraw

Listen to Theme Song

Theme Song Lyrics

Yippee yi-o ki-a,
Galloping all the way
Here comes Quick Draw McGraw.

Yippee yi-o ki-a,
Galloping all the way
Great big star on his chest.
Outdraws all of the rest.
Fastest gun in the west.

Yippee yi-o ki-a,
Riding around your way,
Here comes Quick Draw McGraw.
The high-falutin'est,
Fastest shootin'est,
Cowboy you ever saw.
That's Quick Draw McGraw.


TRIVIA NOTE: Additional animated segments on the program included "Augie Doggy and Doggy Daddy," a canine father and son ("Dear Ol' Dad") and a cat and mouse detective team called "Super Snooper and Blabber Mouse.

The closing song lyrics ask "Hey, Babalooey, Are You Alright? to which Babalooey says, "SOOright!"

Baba Looey was named after Desi Arnaz's theme song "Babalu."

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