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Saddle Club

Title Card - SADDLE CLUB

YTV Network
2001 - 2003
30 Minutes

The story of three girls who formed a group called "The Saddle Club" where they shared their adventures and experiences about riding the horses they loved at Pine Hollow Stables in Willow Creek.

Members of The Saddle Club included:

  • Sophie Bennett as Stephanie 'Stevie' Lake, the tomboy of the group. She has three brothers: Michael, a pesky 9-year old; Alex, her 12-year-old, her twin (born first by six and one half minutes); and Chad, her 14- year old brother who likes to play practical jokes. Their parents, George and Catherine are lawyers. They have a contract with Stevie. They pay for one riding lesson a week, but Stevie must work in the barn to earn additional riding lessons. Stevie rides a black stallion named Belle (originally called Blackie). She found the mare in the wilderness and nursed it back to health.
  • Keenan Macwilliam as Carole Hanson, an African American girl  who rides a buckskin gelding named Starlight. Her mother, who died of cancer and left her the money to take riding lessons. Carole's father is a US marine officer.
  • Lara Jean Marshall as Lisa Atwood, a petite "A" student and fashion conscious gal. She's as perfectionist who takes ballet, piano, art and tennis classes. At the stables, she rides a pony named Patch, but eventually gets Prancer, a chestnut thoroughbred mare. Lisa also has a sister named Melanie.

The nemesis of The Saddle Club is Veronica Di Angelo (Heli Simpson), a fellow rider at the stables who is always interfering or endangering the girls with her antics, like cheating to win a race or vying for the affections of a boy the other girls want.

Veronica is the spoiled only child of  wealthy parents and is used to getting anything she wants, except, that is, for Phil Marsten whom she just can't convince to be her boyfriend. He is sweet on Stevie and that just burns Veronica's britches.

As for horses, Veronica has no real love for them, but she likes to flaunt the fact that her stallion, Cobalt is an expensive thoroughbred.

Stephanie, Carole and Lisa - THE SADDLE CLUB

Other people involved with the Saddle Club included:

The Girls:

  • Kia Luby as Kristi Cavanaugh, a rich girl who rides at the stables. She is Veronica's ally. Kristi tolerates the Saddle Club girl but has no intentions of bonding with them. After all they/re poor. What Kristi does like is to flirt with all the cute stable-hands.
  • Jessie Jacobs as Melanie Atwood, Lisa's equally talented sibling. She's  OK as sisters go, but she sure gets in the way sometimes.  (In the third series, Melanie records events at Pine Hollow with her video camera and publishes a newsletter with the help of her new friend Jess, that reveals gossip about the older girls in the riding school).
  • Janelle Corlass-Brown as Ashley, one of the youngest riders at Pine Hollow, Ashley's not much for cracking the books and doing homework, but she does like to dance and sing. Her best friend is Melanie, the other youngest members of the riding club. Together, they get in to all sorts of mischievous.
  • Kaiya Jones as Jess Cooper, a local high school student and newcomer to Pine Hollow. She living with her grandfather in Willow Creek while her parents travel in a rodeo show. Jess is Melanie's new friend..
  • Matylda Buczko as Dorotheé Doutey a former Junior European Eventing Champion whose life took a turn for the worst after a fall from a horse that broke her hip. The incident made her withdrawn and solitary. To improve her sprits, her parents sent her to Pine Hollow where her own horse, Hugo was sent ahead to keep her company.
  • Aisha Dee as Desiree "Desi" Biggins, the daughter of real estate magnate Barry Biggins. Desi walks the line when it comes to showing her loyalties, being a friend to both Veronica and the Saddle Club girls. Desiree is very fond of newcomer Simon Atherton, whom Veronica dislikes.
  • Catherine Wilkin as Mrs. Elizabeth Regnery (a.k.a. "Mrs. Reg"). She is Max's mother and the manager of the Pine Hollow Stables. Elizabeth inherited the riding school when her husband died. Her alleged abilities to communicate with horses makes her the fodder for criticism but that doesn't stop her from offering psychological advice to the horses as well to the other visitors to the stables. In her earlier career she was a top notch horse rider, but she put aside her ambitions in that area to support her son, Max who was an up and coming horseman until he took a tumble from a horse while a member of the National Equestrian Team and had to retire. Now Elizabeth is proud to share Pine Hollow with Max. Together, the make a great team..
  • Cathy Godbold as Deborah Hale, a newspaper journalist who came to the stables to write a story about a film being made at the stable. She caught Max's eye and he soon considered putting his bachelor life behind him > They eventually married. Despite her wedded bliss Deborah is still getting used to leaving the big city behind and living in the country with a bunch of horses.
  • Marie-Louise Walker as Eleanor Atwood, Lisa's social-climbing mother who want the very best for her child.
  • Melanie Ryder as Helen Di Angelo, Veronica's mother

Series 2 - SADDLE CLUB

The Boys:

  • Glenn Meldrum as Phil Marsten, is a member of the Cross County Pony Club, the rival to Pine Hollow's Horse Wise group. The fact that Phil likes Stevie doesn't chill his competitive spirit when it comes to outdoing her in riding events. He later befriends Murray and now the both of them compete against each other and Stevie.
  • Brett Tucker as Max Regnery. a former member of the National Equestrian team. He runs Pines Hollow Stables and cares deeply about each and everyone of his students. (Max leaves Pine Hollow in the second series, but reappears in the third)
  • Nikolai Nikolaeff as Drew Regnery . Max's cousin who took over running Pine Hollow when Max took a job in at a breeding barn in France. Drew's entrepreneur sensibilities clashed with the traditions of the horse farm, but he felt he could make the stable bigger and better than when it was run by his cousin Max. One way to achieve his goals was an alliance with the father of the Saddle Club's enemy Mr. Frank Di Angelo.,
  • Alex Marriott as Brian 'Scooter' Mucahy, a computer geek with a good sense of humor, who advocates the world of possibilities that can be had by using Artificial Intelligence technology. Alex was hired by Pine Hollow to a computer system and to do odd jobs when required.
  • Connor Jessup as Simon, another computer geek who'd rather play computer games that socialize. His parents decided he needed to see more people so he ended up joining the Pine Hollow Riding School. A good natured fellow, Simon became fast friends of the girls in the Saddle Club and others at the school like Desiree. His parents Roy and Gaye are research scientists. (Simon replaced Alex as the computer guy in the third series.)
  • Rory Donegan as Murray Richards, a best friend of Phil Marsten. Murray loves horses and likes to play pranks.
  • Troy Lovett as Jack O'Neil, a cool country boy who is wonderful with horses. He gets along with everybody except (let me guess) Veronica? You got it..
  • Nathan Phillips as Red O'Malley, the lead stable hand at Pine Hollow. He has a wonderful rapport with the horses. Veronica just hates him but her friend Kristi is gaga over the handsome 17-year-old.
  • Christopher Kirby as Col. Mitch Hanson, Carole's father.
  • Anthony Hawkins as Frank Di Angelo, Veronica's father


TRIVIA NOTE: Produced for Australia's ABC network, the children's series is based on the "The Saddle Club" book series written by Bonnie Bryant who originally based her characters in the state of Virginia.

When the series went into its third season, the original lead characters were recast with other younger actors. See also "The Saddle Club" fan site link below for facts about all three series, including all the horses on the show.

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