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Title Card - SARA

CBS Network
60 Minutes

Brenda Vaccaro starred as Sara Yarnell, a strong-willed school teacher from the East who settled in the 1870s town of Independence, Colorado and began teaching students in a one-room school house.

Sara left her dull life in Philadelphia for the excitement of the West. Unfortunately, her liberal attitude was just the opposite of the conservative citizens of the area. It took a while for many of her new neighbors to warm up to her independent suffragette spirit that was filled with notions of reform and women's rights. The children of the town, however, loved Sara from the start. 

Brenda Vaccaro as SARA

Other citizens of the town of Independence included:

  • Bert Kramer as Emmett Ferguson, a school board member.
  • William Phipps as Claude Barstow, the town's Mayor and a member of the school board..
  • William Wintersole as George Bailey, the town banker and a member of the school board.
  • Mariclare Costello as Julia Bailey, the banker's wife and a very good friend of Sara Yarnell.
  • Kraig Metzinger as Georgie Bailey, the banker's son and one of Sara Yarnell's students.
  • Albert Stratton as Martin Pope, the town's newspaper editor.
  • Louise Latham as Martha Higgins, Sara's landlady.
  • Debbie Lytton as  Debbie Higgins, Marthas' daughter, and one of Sara Yarnell's students.
  • Hallie Morgan as Emma Higgins, Martha's daughter, and one of Sara's students.
  • Silvia Soares as Claranet.

TRIVIA NOTE: This was the Brenda Vaccaro's first TV series. Prior to SARA, she had performed on stage and in such films as Cactus Flower, Midnight Cowboy, Once is Not Enough.

The series was based on the novel "The Revolt of Sarah Perkins" by Marian Cockrell about a teacher hired to replace a single woman who  ran off and got married and left the town without a schoolmarm.

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