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David Carradine starred as Shane, a gunfighter wandering the Wyoming territory of the late 19th century who hired on as a cowhand to champion the cause of widow, Marian Starett (Jill Ireland) and her young son, Joey (Christopher Shea) who sees Shane as a father figure since the death of his own Pa.

David Carradine as SHANE Christopher Shea as Joey - SHANE Jill Ireland as Marian - SHANE
Shane Joey Marian

Friends and foes of the Starett family included:

  • Tom Tully as Tom Starett, Marion's father-in-law.
  • Sam Gilman as Sam Grafton, the local  saloonkeeper.
  • Steve Ihnat as R. G. Posey, a down and out cowboy hired to work at the Starett ranch.
  • Robert Brown as Senator Warren Eliot, Marion's old flame who had traveled from back east to her Wyoming ranch and insisted she leave with him and start a new life in the city.
  • Diane Ladd as Amy Sloate, the new school teacher.
  • Larry D. Mann as Harve
  • Owen Bush as Ben.
  • Bert Freed as Rufe Ryker, a rancher who claims he has the right to all the land in the area because he was there first.  Whenever tragedy befalls the valley, short of disease, you can be sure he's behind it, like the time he threatened to burn the winter what crop or caused the death of a farmer's cattle by poisoning his waterhole. Ryker tried to hire Shane, but he refused. When the new school teacher arrived in town, Ryker vowed the school would never open.

David Carradine as SHANE

Screen Credits - SHANE

TRIVIA NOTE: The series is based on the 1949 novel "Shane" by Jack Schaefer and the classic western Shane (1953) directed by George Stevens and starring Alan Ladd in the lead role as Shane, a weary gunfighter who protects a group of homesteaders from Ryker, a vicious rancher who lays claim to all the land in the valley.

In the film showdown between Shane and Wilson (Jack Palance), a deadly gunfighter recruited to intimidate the homesteaders to leave the area, Shane goads Wilson into shooting when he says "You're a low-down Yankee liar." As Shane leaves the area on horseback, never to return, the Starett boy's plea "Shane, come back!" echoes into the wilderness.

Movie Poster - SHANE

Obituaries: Jill Ireland: 05/18/1990; Tom Tully: 04/27/1982; Bert Freed: 08/02/1994; Sam Gilman: 12/03/1985; Owen Bush: 06/12/2001;

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