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The Swamp Fox

Title Card - THE SWAMP FOX

ABC Network
60 Minutes

Leslie Nielsen starred as Francis Marion (1732-95), an early American guerrilla fighter who battled and befuddled the British in the Charleston, South Carolina area.

"My name is Francis Marion. I fought the British Redcoats in '76 - hiding in the Carolina swamps by day, surprising them with swift strikes at night. They called me a tricky swamp fox, so a Swamp Fox I became."

Leslie Nielsen as Francis Marion - SWAMP FOX

Listen to Theme Song

Theme Song Lyrics
Words by Lew Foster and
 Music by Buddy Baker

Swamp Fox! Swamp Fox!
Tail on his hat,
Nobody knows where The Swamp Fox's at.

Swamp Fox! Swamp Fox!
Hiding in the glen,
He runs away to fight again.

We got lead, and we got powder.
We don't fight with an empty gun.
Only makes us shout the louder.
We are men of Marion.


Got no blankets, got no bed.
Got no roof above our heads.
Got no shelter when it rains.
All we got is Yankee brains.


Got no cornpone, got no honey.
All we got is Continental money.
Won't buy bacon, hominy or grits.
Roasted ears and possum is all we ever git.


Other cast of characters in this revolutionary tale included:

The Ladies:

  • Mary Field as Cathy Marion
  • Joy Page/Barbara Eiler as Mary Videau, Marion's girlfriend. Her parents are loyal to Britain.
  • Eleanor Audley as Mrs. Videau
  • Dorothy Green as Mrs. Townes
  • Sherry Jackson as Melanie Culpin, Gabe's love interest.
  • Louise Beavers as Delia

The Officers:

  • Robert Douglas as General Cornwallis
  • John Sutton as Colonel Banastre Tarleton, of the Green Dragon Cavalry. Marion's main nemesis.
  • Myron Healey as Major Peter Horry
  • Henry Daniel as Colonel Townes, Tory Leader
  • Sean McClory as Captain Myles
  • James Seay as Captain Richardson
  • Patrick Macnee as a British Captain
  • George N. Neise as Lt. Peters
  • Richard Lupino as Lieutenant Wilkes
  • Richard Erdman as Sergeant Jasper. He lets the British think he has contempt for Marion, but all the while he is his ally.
  • John Alderson as Sergeant McDonald

Marion and his Men - THE SWAMP FOX

The Rest:

  • Tim Considine as Gabe Marion, Marion's teenage nephew who aspires the heroics of his Uncle.
  • Slim Pickens as Ewald Plunkett, one of the Swamp Fox's men.
  • Dick Foran as Gabriel Marion
  • Smoki Whitfield as Oscar
  • Chuck Roberson as American Soldier
  • J. Pat O'Malley as British Sentry
  • Chuck Roberson as Jenkins
  • Parley Baer as Kusak as Storekeeper
  • Robert Foulk as Rebel Arsonist Leader
  • Denver Pyle/James Anderson as Amos Briggs
  • Rhys Williams as Professor Culpin
  • J. Pat O'Malley as O'Reilly
  • James Anderson as Amos Briggs
  • Clarence Muse as Joseph
  • Hal Stalmaster as Gwynn
  • Alan Caillou as Ken Anakin
  • Robin Hughes as Hitchcock
  • Donald Randolph as Mr. Videau
  • Charlie Briggs as Folger Selby
  • Arthur Hunnicutt as Ezra Selby


TRIVIA NOTE: This Revolutionary War adventure was aired as part of the "Frontierland" banner on the DISNEYLAND (a.k.a., WALT DISNEY PRESENTS).

The series was based on the book "Swamp Fox" by Robert Bass. The Swamp Fox was the inspiration for Mel Gibson's character in the film The Patriot (2000).

During the TV program, Marion's men were fond of singing the Swamp Fox Theme. They sang it at their camp fires and they sang as they rode their horses down a road. Now with all that shouting and praising their leader, I'm surprised the British didn't hear them coming.

In his later acting career, Leslie Nielsen would drop his dramatic persona for that of  the comic cop Frank Drebin in the POLICE SQUAD television show and the Naked Gun movies.

Joy Page, the first of two actresses to play the role of Marion's love interest Mary Videau, was the step-daughter of  Jack L. Warner.

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