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The Texan

Title Card - THE TEXAN

CBS Network
1958 - 1960
30 Minutes

Rory Calhoun starred as Big Bill Longley (Rory Calhoun), a fast gun who wandered the Texas frontier of the 1870s helping those in need.

Friends and acquaintances of Big Bill Longley included:

  • Regis Parton as Pete Bray
  • Duncan Lamont as David MacMorris
  • Alan Hale Jr. as Sculley
  • Kem Dibbs as Matt Horton
  • Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez as Pedro Vasquez
  • Kipp Hamilton as Steve
  • Tom London as Agent
  • Alan Dinehart III as Brazos Kid
  • Reed Hadley as Wild Jack Tobin
  • Chris Alcaide as Deputy Luke Smith
  • Andy Clyde as Andy Miles
  • Lane Bradford as Buck Tanner
  • James Drake as Buck
  • Harry Harvey as Clyde Hatbridge
  • Denver Pyle as Chip Andrews
  • Robert J. Wilke as Asa Kirby
  • Ted Adams as Conners
  • Mario Alcalde as Yellow Hawk
  • Michael Dante as Steve Chambers
  • Lita Baron as Dolores
  • Chick Bilyeu as Marshal
  • Richard Travis as Governor
  • Hal Smith as The Bartender
  • Howard Negley as Doctor
  • Bud Osborne as Stagecoach Driver
  • Norman Leavitt as Bender, Hotel Clerk
  • Barbara Stuart as Poker Alice

Rory Calhoun as THE TEXAN

Here are some of Bill's adventures and exploits:

  • Tracks a killer to save his friend falsely accused of  murder.
  • Forced into a showdown to see who is the fastest gun.
  • Encounters a rancher's son whose father taught him to kill.
  • Helps a Mexican whose peach orchard is vandalized.
  • Hard earned cattle drive money is stolen by bank robbers.
  • Helps a Mexican widow meet her husband's prejudice father.
  • Helps an alcoholic judge battle a sheriff. who fixes an election
  • Tracks his friend's killer who is the son of a respected sheriff.
  • Protects a wounded circuit judge so he can get to a trial.
  • Must keep a bounty hunter from harming an innocent man.
  • Tracks bank robbers who killed a woman and her little girl.
  • Searches for the killers of his friend, a photographer.
  • Encounters outlaws as he works for the telegraph company.
  • Gets involved in a race to herd cattle to Abilene.
  • Helps a former marshal find his courage to battle a gang.
  • Accidentally gives counterfeit money to buy cattle in Mexico.
  • Must face down a gunman hired to kill him.
  • Refused help when he brings a wounded man to a ranch.
  • Joins a horse race while two men plan to rob a bank.
  • Gets involved with two bank robbers pursued by a posse.
  • Infiltrates a gang who is counterfeiting silver coins.
  • Holds up in a ghost town during a storm and discovers it is filled with outlaws who are friends of the man he is transporting to trial in Colorado.



TRIVIA NOTE:  Rory Calhoun guest starred on episode "The Texan, Rory Calhoun" on the situation comedy DECEMBER BRIDE starring Spring Byington (who later starred on the western series LARAMIE).

Obituaries: Rory Calhoun: 04/28/1999; Regis Parton: 05/31/1996; Duncan Lamont: 12/19/1978; Alan Hale, Jr.: 01/01/1990; Kem Dibbs: 03/28/1996; Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez: 02/06/2006; Kipp Hamilton: 01/29/1981; Tom London: 12/05/1963;

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