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U.S. Marshal

Title Card - United States Marshal

1956 - 1960
30 Minutes

Contemporary police drama set in Yuma, Arizona that followed the exploits of a newly appointed U.S. Marshal as he maintained law and order in the region with help of his field deputies.

The Yuma, Arizona officers included:

  • John Bromfield as U.S Marshal Frank Morgan
  • James Griffith as Deputy Tom Ferguson
  • Buck Young as Deputy Buck Jackson
  • Robert Brubaker as Deputy Blake
  • Don Gordon as Deputy
  • Richard Norris as Deputy Peters
  • Robert Fuller as Corporal Eddie Wallace
  • Charles Bronson as Pvt. 'Guardhouse' Ravenal
  • Hugh Lawrence as Sheriff Waters
  • John McNamara as Captain Cory

John Bromfield as Frank Morgan - US MARSHAL

TRIVIA NOTE: John Bromfield's character Frank Morgan  originally starred in the contemporary police series SHERIFF OF COCHISE. Based in Cochise County, Arizona, it ran from 1956-1958. When Sheriff Frank Morgan accepted a promotion, he moved to Yuma, Arizona where he portrayed a US Marshal. His deputies, Blake (Robert Brubaker) and Tom Ferguson (James Griffith) also appeared to the new series. See also "Sheriff of Cochise"

U.S.MARSHAL was similar to HIGHWAY PATROL (1955-59) another syndicated cop show about state police dealing with modern day thugs, car chases and shootouts.

Obituaries: John Bromfield: 09/18/2005; James Griffith: 09/17/1993; Buck Young: 02/09/2000;

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