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Title Card - WHIPLASH

1960 - 1961
30 Minutes

Peter Graves starred as Christopher Cobb, an American who helped establish the first stagecoach line across the rugged Australian Continent during the 1850s.

Cobb's stagecoach line ran to a number of cities and towns, including New South Wales, Dubbo, Brisbane, Duranga, Goondiwindi, Cross Creek Way Station, Canoomba, Mowamba, Brindabella, Sydney and Wallaby Junction.

Anthony Wickert and Peter Graves - WHIPLASH
Dan Ledward and Christopher Cobb

Cobb's sidekick was Dan Ledward (Anthony Wickert). His father was the brutal leader of Ledward Bore, a settlement of thugs and conmen. Dan despised his father's ways and life in the Bore and so Chris hired him as a driver for the coach line. 

As Cobb and Dan raced across the dusty trails of down-under in a stagecoach, they encountered bushrangers (outlaws), gunslingers, robbers and swindlers and aborigines. When Cobb needed to defend himself from nefarious sorts, he used a bullwhip and a boomerang.

Peter Graves as Christopher Cobb - WHIPLASH

Screen Captures - WHIPLASH

Besides his regular passengers, Cobb's stagecoach line was used to transport miner's gold, to carry freight supplies or commandeered to transport prisoners.

Sometimes, Cobb went in search of people missing in the outback. On one occasion, Cobb sought a white man who was living with an Aboriginal tribe and came across a legendary gold deposit known as the "Dutchman's Reef." Another time, Cobb tracked down the father of a little girl (now motherless) who had taken refuge with an Aborigine tribe when he was falsely accused of murder. And Cobb also helped Peter Hibbard, a once star driver for the Cobb stage line, track down the suspected murderer of his son.

Theme Song Lyrics

Whiplash, Whiplash, Whiplash, Whiplash
In 1851 the Great Australian gold rush
The only law a gun, the only shelter wild bush
Whiplash, Whiplash
The Mulga woods and deserts, the stage thunders by
From Sydney to Camden and on to Gundagai
Whiplash, Whiplash

At times, Cobb was in conflict with the Aborigine customs and traditions. He came to the rescue of a white man who had inadvertently interrupted a sacred tribal ceremony and was marked for death. Then Cobb undertook a hazardous crossing of an Aboriginal burial ground to assist a family in need. And when a trusted Cobb & Co. agent disappeared in the ‘Taroomba,’ a sacred Aboriginal burial ground rich in opal, Cobb sought him out.

Not all the Aborigines were hostile. When a group of bushrangers captured a Cobb & Co. coach, and use it in a series of raids and robberies implicating Cobb, an Aborigine named Kuraba helped Cobb track the bushrangers down before they permanently damaged the stage line's reputation. 

TRIVIA NOTE: Filmed on location in Australia, the series was loosely based on the real Cobb & Co. stagecoach lines (founded by Freeman Cobb in 1853) that traveled from Melbourne to the Victorian goldfields. The company shut down its services in 1924.

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