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Yosemite Sam


Warner Brothers
1945 +
10 Minutes

The mini-adventures of a pint-sized cowboy with an oversized hat,  bushy eyebrows, bulbous nose, and a long droopy red mustache.

Wielding a set of six-guns, the hot-tempered little gunslinger would say "Ya better say yer prayers, ya flea-bitten varmint! Ah'm a gonna blow ya to smithereenies!"

Frustrated with Bugs Bunny, Sam would say "Ah hates rabbits".


Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up, Doc?
Yosemite Sam: What's up? Why, you hornery, fur-bearing critter! This here is one of them there train robbery hold-ups.
Bugs Bunny: Yeah? Well, you must be Jesse James.
Yosemite Sam:  Jesse James? Ha ha ha! Phooey! Why, everybody knows me. I'm Yosemite Sam, the meanest, toughtest, rip-roaringest, Edward-Everett-Hortonest hombre whatever packed a six-shooter. (fires gun) That's who I am!
Bugs Bunny: You don't say? Well, come 'ere, shorty, come 'ere. Don't say I told ya, but there's a guy in the next car who says he's the meanest, toughest, et cetera, et cetera, and he's got a seven-shooter to prove it. How's about that?
Yosemite Sam: There is? Why, I'll blast the varmit wide open! [The "varmint" is Bugs in disguise]

 -- Hare Trigger (1945)


TRIVIA NOTE: Created by Fritz Freleng, Yosemite Sam  debuted in the Warner Brothers cartoon Hare Trigger (1945). Both Bugs and Sam also appeared in High Diving Hare (1949), Bunker Hill Bunny (1950) among other cartoons. Sam's character has become a recurring player in Warner Brothers animation stable.


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