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The tales of the Old West as depicted on television--especially the numerous programs produced in the 1950s--were far from the truth but they were entertaining and the programs kept the messages moral for the kids and the conservative viewers of the times.

The Cisco Kid and The Lone Ranger only shot in self-defense and even then only to shoot the gun out of the bandit's hand. And most of the heroes never used profanity nor got intoxicated in public.

With the revival of the western in the 1980s, some of the more seedy aspects of the Old West such as prostitution, gambling, etc. gradually found their way into the scripts. But, whether you like your westerns, graphic or subdued, these tales of early America will always find an audience.

This section is a compilation of all the western programs and frontier related historical adventures from the 1950s to the present either set in the Old West or contemporary frontier, including comedies, dramas, specials, made-for TV movies, miniseries, puppets and cartoons.

TRIVIA NOTE: In 1959 alone, there were 32 westerns on the air-nine of which were in the Nielsen Top 20. See also - HORSES and OATHS & PLEDGES - WESTERN

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