Toefl writing: What change do you think people remember about the 20th century?


The twentieth century saw great change. In your opinion, what is one change that should be remembered about the twentieth century?

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Sample Essay:

There have been many changes ,both technological and cultural, in the twentieth century. I believe that one stands out above the rest :advances in medical science. The changes in medical science go together with the changes in technological and cultural areas. One can move ahead only with the help of the others. We can see the results of medical advances in three areas: development of vaccines and antibiotics, expanded access to health care , and improved surgical techniques.

When medical researchers learned how to prevent disease and stop it from spreading, the quality of life for many people around the world improved. Today smallpox is a forgotten disease and vaccinations are no longer required. Polio is under control and the vaccine is widely available . The development of penicillin has helped many people recover from serious illness.

Although health care is not universal even in developed countries, it is much better than it used to be. Local clinics, visiting nurses and specially hospitals have all improved the health care for our communities.

If you should be unfortunate and require surgery : you are still lucky to have the surgery today rather than even ten years ago. Now with microscopic and laser surgery, operations are more efficient. You spend less time in the hospital and you recover faster.

I can’t think of any other change that has affected the lives of so many people. Our health is important to all of us. We all are thankful for advances in the area of medical science.