Toefl writing topic: The importance of groups and organizations to our lives


  Groups or organizations are an important part of some people’s lives. Why are groups or organizations important to people?

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Sample Essay:

Groups or organizations are an important part of our life because we are social people. We like to get together with people whose attitudes and beliefs are like ours. The most important groups for us are our families, our religious organizations, and our political organizations.

Our families are obviously our most important group. You will never find the physical and emotional support from any other group that you will find in your family. Your family is part of you; you are tied to them by blood. They will always be there for you.

Similarly our religious organizations can provide comfort for us in times of stress. When we are with people who have the same beliefs, we feel better. Our beliefs are based on tradition. These beliefs have been tested over time. These beliefs tell us how to respond and how to act.

Our political organizations change as we change. Some years we may feel conservative; other years we may feel more liberal. Whatever our political philosophy, we can find a political organization that matches our thinking at the moment. Those political organizations help us be a part of the larger community.

Whether the group is tightly knit like a family, spiritual like religion, or secular like politics, they all serve a function in our life. They all help us feel as if we belong.