A Yearlong Pre-University Break


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is better to have a yearlong break before attending university.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


Most students rush directly from high school to college without taking a break. However, I believe it is more beneficial for students to have a yearlong break after high school before they attend college.

For one thing, students need time off from school simply to take a break.  After attending school for at least twelve years, most students would welcome the time off. They can use this time to recharge their “batteries.” I know that I feel a lot better after my summer and winter vacations. I cannot imagine how much better I would feel if I could take an entire year off from studying. Actually, my brother is taking some time off next year once he graduates from high school. I think he is doing the right thing. One year without school will let him get a lot of rest and will surely make him a better student at college.

Students can also use this one-year period to gain life experience. A year is enough time to experience many different activities. For example, some of my brother’s friends are planning on getting internships at various companies. They can then decide if they are interested in having a job in that field. This will affect what subject they major in at college. Another friend is planning to travel. She wants to see the world before going to college. And two other friends will be getting part-time jobs. They can therefore make money and get some work experience. All of these things should help them become better students in the future by giving them different kinds of experience.

It is advisable for students to take a year off before attending college. They can get a chance to recover their strength, and they can also gain some valuable experience. Taking a long pre-university break definitely has its worth.

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