Get Ready for IELTS Listening Pre Intermediate A2

The bedside pillow of so many toddlers coming to IELTS Listening is Get Ready for IELTS Listening of Collins. Have you got this book yet?

Join Wiki Study English to discover the “tips” that the book provides to prepare yourself for the IELTS exam preparation!

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Right from the name, you can see books for beginners of IELTS, beginner level. Therefore, the book is very easy to understand, logical and simple lesson system for those who do not know anything about IELTS to learn thoroughly about the Listening part.

Specifically in this book provide:

Unit 12 Unit lessons, divided by familiar topics will appear more in Listening: Friends abroad, Food and Cooking, Work, Presentation, Staying Safe … In the big topics are smaller topics.

These topics are easy for you to follow the lesson to start with IELTS more smoothly.

Get Ready for IELTS Listening
Get Ready for IELTS Listening

Structure a basic lesson:

Part 1: Language development – Gives you advance and advanced knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. This background helps you to listen more easily and prepare for practice, apply the study tips later.

Part 2: Skills development – Focusing on the skills section, providing lessons, analysis, specific examples by subject for learners to review. Good tips will be highlighted clearly for you to look at and remember.

Part 3: Exam Practice – Practice exercises. In this section, you not only rehearse but also have additional useful tips, common mistakes to avoid when taking the test.

Example of a simple listening exercise in a book:

Track 4 Unit 1: Listen to the following conversation and write down the numbers you hear.

1. A. McKeon B. McEwwan C. MacKeon
2. A. Westborne B. Westerborne C. Westbourne

Correct answers: 1. B, 2.C

Alternating with 3 lessons is 1 Review, comment on IELTS Listening for each topic you have studied before. This helps you synthesize knowledge, practice effectively and remember longer. Practicing a lot will always work for you.

End of 12 Units will be Practice Practice giving you a private training source in accordance with IELTS format. Set your time and prepare for your exam, test your level.

If after studying this book you want to practice more, you can refer to 5 free online IELTS test resources that Wiki Study English has shared.

And rest assured, you always have keys, audio scripts to check answers right below the test. Don’t see the answer in a hurry, but try your best to do the homework first.

Finally, a good part of the book is a summary of important, useful vocabulary and phrases that help you memorize deeply and learn more effectively.

Effective guide to studying books
Once you’ve downloaded the book, the first thing you need to do is combine a dictionary (a book or an app) to look up words when you’re having trouble. Because they don’t always know the vocabulary they provide.

A lesson will take about 2 – 3 hours to fully study and finish the test. So, if you take the time to study for 3 hours a day, try to divide your time to study. You should study carefully to remember all the knowledge and practice offline.

Although there is a dictionary, do not rush to look up the word because you will not look up words when taking the test. Try focusing on guessing words and meanings based on the context in advance to increase your sensitivity when taking the test.

Under the lesson system, make sure you learn the two parts Part 1-2 well before moving on to Part 3 to do the exercises. Try to apply the shared tips in the best way to get good grades.

 In Part 3, practice listening to audio once and then doing the exercises. Then listen again to see if the answer is correct. At the end of the book, there is Audio Scrip and answers but do not watch, but make sure you do the full test before checking.

 Re-check the Audio Script and check to see if you heard the right part or the wrong paragraph to determine whether you heard the standard correctly or not and at the same time know which parts you are confused with.

With this book, you have begun to embark on a good IELTS Listening preparation journey. Studying in parallel with this book, you can refer to Basic IELTS Listening is also a good document for basic people when studying IELTS.

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